Wooden Shutters vs Vinyl Shutters

Lisa Cooper

BY Lisa Cooper

Published: 27 March 2013 Updated: 21 May 2024

Shutters are an excellent window furnishing for all sorts of different reasons, but with different options available, which are best – wooden shutters or vinyl shutters? Read on to find out more.

Which is best?

As with many other things, when it comes down to it, there’s no definitive answer to which window shutters are best; but only which is best for you, or best for the room and setting you’re considering using them in, and the wood versus vinyl question is no different. It’s all a matter of perspective and balance. Shutters are not a simple window treatment however and installing window shutters is not for the feint hearted which is why so many people come to us for their shutters, whether they’re real wood shutters, plantation shutters, pvc shutters or wood shutters.
But let’s take a look at the fundamentals of both window treatments and explore the pros and cons of both.

Ts Burley Lounge White 5

Wooden shutters

Wood shutters portray the classic image that the term shutters brings to mind. Sleek and smooth, pristine wood glossy in the light and our Burley range of wood window shutters certainly tick all those boxes. 

Ts 2021 Burley Tracked Shutter Vintage Rye Kitchen Portrait


Our Burley range features our premium shutters. Crafted from quality hardwood on frame and louvres, they offer the largest choice of size and configuration. You can choose from three different louvre sizes - 63, 76, 89 and 114mm dependant on the size of the window or door and with our free in-home consultation your designer will be able to help you choose which window dressing is best. A huge range of styles is available, from Full Height shutters to Café style shutters and everything in between, and if you’re looking for Solid shutters then this is the range you’ll need as they’re only available in wood.

Shutters Landing Hero 1280

Burley - paints, stains and colours

Our Burley range also offers our largest choice in terms of the finish. Choose from 22 wood stains, from the redwood hue of Autumns Eve to the pale beach shade of Golden Fall for a traditional premium wood look, or opt for a slightly more contemporary style with our painted colours, which features 23 colourways, including white and grey. If you’re searching for something more colourful, then head for our Harlequin collaboration, with 10 curated colours covering a wide range of colours.

Mauve coloured solid tracked harlequin shutters fitted to a tall rectangular window in a bedroom decorative in repeating geometric designs

Coppice collection

If you’re looking for shutters with a more environmentally friendly finish then our Coppice collection is a great choice. Plant oils and vegetable waxes give a natural finish, letting the expressive grain come to life. Part of our Burley range, there’s six different shades to choose from.



Our vinyl shutters are designed for rooms with high levels of moisture or humidity, making them an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms of all sizes, whether it's a cloakroom, an ensuite or a large family bathroom.  They’re engineered from a hard-wearing yet lightweight PVCu (Poly Vinyl Chloride unplasticised) and they’re guaranteed not to distort, crack, chip or fade. They’re also made right here in the UK, so there’s no air miles to worry your conscience with either.  They also offer further benefits, being of a lower price point, and having a faster consultation to installation turnaround.

White folding shutters in a bathroom that is decorated in white and has green wall tiles

Vinyl - styles and colours

Available in a variety of different types including Full Height, Tier on Tier, Tracked and Shaped our vinyl shutters are crafted with the same attention to detail and precision as our wooden shutters to ensure a precision fit. Due to the materials used in production the colour scheme is admittedly smaller, featuring three hues – Cotton, Ivory and Vanilla, all blends of white and cream that look very similar to our white painted wooden shutters but with the benefits of a durable, wipe clean/dry finish, plus they're a more affordable option than wood shutters.

Ts Shutters Waterberry Vinyl Plantation Shaped Closed Bathroom Cotton

A balanced result

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both wooden and vinyl shutters and really it comes down to the individual need. If the setting will be wet or humid then vinyl shutters are a more practical option, whereas a living room won’t require the same level of durability, and stained or painted hardwood shutters will be ideal. although, of course, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you choosing vinyl shutters for a living room, as this shown here.  If you want to make colour a feature then opt for wood, and a preference for cream or white means you can choose either option.

Installing shutters is undeniably a more expensive option than having blinds installed, but new shutters are incredibly durable, lasting decades with the right care, and with the addition of colours and environmentally friendly options to the wealth of styles, shutters are becoming a popular choice for a modern window dressing.

White wooden shutters fitted to a wide window in a living room with a sofa, chair and coffee table

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