Wooden Shutters vs Vinyl Shutters

27 March 2013

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Plantation shutters which are normally made from wood are designed to suit any window in a home. Vinyl shutters offer homeowners that same versatility but come in a wider variety of styles.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation wood shutters offer a long term solution and once installed, they can become a permanent fixture in your home. Their popularity, style and elegance are what adds value to your home. Hardwood window shutters offer a homeowner a high-density wood, while soft maple window shutters give you more variety in sizes and can lend an air of country sophistication to a room. Other popular woods may include cherry, knotty pine and exotic woods such as teak and Bubinga wood. Wood shutters are most often used in the living room or study, where light control is crucial to protecting screens and furniture.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are an affordable solution for those on a budget and still add quality and value to your home. There are three main types to choose for your home and each brings a different style to a room. Shutters that are made of hollow vinyl are an excellent choice if you live in a climate where it's often moist - for kitchens and bathrooms they're an excellent choice.

Durability is another reason to choose vinyl shutters since they'll never peel, blister, chip, or fade. They can also be used to regulate the temperature inside your home, potentially saving you money on heating bills during winter months. They're the perfect choice for a child's room, in that they don't show scratches or dents and most importantly - they are flame retardant.

Making the right decision

In the end, your decision to choose either wooden shutters or vinyl shutters will be based on budget, the style of your home and your personal preferences. Both types of window shutters offer advantages and disadvantages. Wood has always been stylish but manufacturers of vinyl window shutters are increasingly offering a variety of styles and colours; all of which are impressive and can add to the atmosphere of any room. Always be sure to work with a quality manufacturer who offers a long-term guarantee and you can’t go wrong.

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