Bathroom Shutters

White shutters fitted to rectangular windows in a white, crisp decorated bathroom

Welcoming peace of mind

Bathrooms are the perfect setting for window shutters, offering elegance and privacy where you need it most. But while high humidity can damage certain window coverings, our moisture-resistant Waterberry Vinyl Shutters look just as stylish as our classic designs and are guaranteed not to distort over time.

White coloured Shutters fitted to a rectangualr window in a bathroom that is decorated with extravagant patterns and ornaments

Time tested design

Our Vinyl Shutters are engineered from hardwearing, lightweight vinyl resin, making them easy to clean and extremely durable.


Long-lasting beauty

Even where moisture content is high, these innovative shutters are guaranteed not to distort, chip, crack or fade for five years.

Discover the beauty of bespoke

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