Bay Window Shutters

Yellow coloured shutters fitted to large rectangular windows in a dining room

Mirror your home perfectly

Bay windows are where function meets beauty. And while their angles can make it difficult to fit a complementing window furnishing, our exclusive Bay Pole design mirrors the shape and lines of your window to ensure a beautiful finish with no edges showing. An expert installation technique that guarantees a neat, even, elegant fit every time.

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Making the difference

Elegant finish. Choose from a range of beautiful paint and wood stain finishes, or satin vinyl finishes for our Waterberry range, all carefully selected to naturally complement your home.
Unique Design. Our Bay Pole system guarantees a precise and secure fit, ensuring your shutters glide perfectly along the window and are always pleasing on the eye.
Excellent Privacy. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, these elegant shutters provide reassuring peace and quiet whenever you feel like shutting out the world.
Handmade Beauty. All of our shutters are precisely measured and handcrafted by our experienced experts, leaving you with a beautiful finish from top to bottom.
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White coloured shutters fitted to rectangular windows in a white and dark decorated living room

Handcrafted to your requirements

From a traditional panelled window design to a more contemporary curved bay, adding larger louvres for extra light to a vinyl build for more humid spaces like bathrooms – we will help you create the perfect bay window furnishing to match your room.

Discover the beauty of bespoke

Your questions answered

Can I have shutters fitted in a bay window?

Yes, here at Thomas Sanderson we’ve developed our unique Bay Pole system. This ensures a secure and precise fit for every angle of your bay window, and is suitable with either our wooden or vinyl shutters.

Can I have shutters in a round bay window?

Yes, with our exclusive Bay pole system, combined with our range of wooden or vinyl shutters, there’s no shape of bay window we cannot improve. When you book a design consultation with one of our local designers, we will run through all the options available to you.

What shutters can I have in a curved bay (Bow Bay) window?

With our Bay pole system, you can have our full range of bay window configurations. These range from our classic full length design, or the flexibility of our Tier on Tier range. If you have a pavement facing window, then consider our range of café shutters.

Do your Bay Window Shutters fold back completely onto the front wall?

Yes, through product innovation our bay window shutters can now have a 180 degree guide-and-fold system, allowing them to be folded flat against the wall.

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