Bay window shutters at a glance

Bespoke crafted

Bespoke Crafted Bay Window

Made to measure window dressings for a precise fit on every section

Style options

Web 1920 – 46

Choose shutters with solid or louvre panels depending on light needs

Kerb appeal

Kerb Appeal Bay

Enhance the appearance of your home inside and out, ideal for street facing bay windows

Prompt installation

Web 1920 – 55

Vinyl option available for installation service within five weeks

Our bay window shutter service


In-home consultation

An illustration of a person talking with a consultant over a laptop, with garage door fabric samples on the table.

Discuss your requirements and view shutter samples with a design consultant who'll help you create a vision of your bay window shutters and give you a quote



Survey Bay

When you're ready to proceed, an installer visits to conduct a survey, verifying precise measurements of your bay window for a full account of the shutter space


Bay window shutter production

An illustration of a person with a drill in their hand manufacturing a garage door.

Using the highest quality materials our skilled teams create your made-to-measure bay window shutters


Professional installation

Installation Bay Window

Your installer returns to fit your shutters and talk you through anything you need to know about your bay window shutters

Why choose our bay window shutters?

A feature window deserves the very best and our shutters are the ideal choice.

  • Our exclusive bay pole system create seamless joins to ensure a precise fit with no harsh edges 
  • Precision crafted to ensure an exact fit - ideal for period properties or older homes with uneven walls
  • Available in a range of different styles
  • Little details including hidden hinges ensure your shutters function effortlessly while looking beautiful 
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What our customers say

Bay window shutters FAQs

How much are shutters for bay windows?

The cost of bay window shutters depends on the size of your window and your designer will give you a no-obligation quote. Our bespoke designs for bay windows are available in vinyl, composite and hardwood shutters. It also depends on the shutter style that you choose - from plantation shutters such as Full Height shutters for light control, Tier on Tier shutters with their top and bottom panels, Café style shutters that let the natural light in to a period look for Victorian bay window shutters in a Solid style.

How to measure shutters for bay windows

Our service includes a visit from a specialist shutter installer who will take care of all the measuring for you, to ensure your bay window shutters are crafted for a precision fit.

Can you have shutters on a bay window?

Yes, shutters on a bay window is a popular choice that looks beautiful and, unlike curtains, shutters allow you to still enjoy the feature shape of your bay window, even when closed. We have a unique bay pole system allowing adjoining shutters to be positioned at any angle without unsightly gaps, following the lines of the bay window.

How do shutters work on bay windows?

Usually there is one shutter per section - if your window is a box bay it will most likely be three, some curved bay windows have five, each will usually be individually operated. Depending on the space surrounding the window, you can open the whole shutter back against the wall or simply open the louvres, or a mixture of both.

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