Café Shutters

Making the difference

Colourful Beauty. Give your Wooden Shutters a bespoke finish with our selection of matte paint and wood stains. Our design consultants can guide you through choosing the perfect colour for your home.
Charming Character. Whether you are in a period or modern property, Café Shutters add a touch of charm to any window, making your home feel elegantly unique.
Flexible View. Offering a range of louvre sizes, we will ensure you have complete control over light and privacy, with hidden tilt bars and mechanisms for an aesthetically pleasing finish.
Expert Craftsmanship. Available in wood or vinyl, every one of our shutters are carefully crafted by our experienced experts to fit your window perfectly.
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White coloured tier on tier shutters fitted to a wide window in a living room setting

Where privacy meets style

Perfect if you have any windows or doors that look directly onto pavements, our elegant Café Shutters offer you reassuring privacy – without closing your home off from the outside world.

Discover the beauty of bespoke

Your questions answered

What are Café Style Shutters?

Café shutters are designed to cover the bottom half of your window, providing you with a great alternative to full length shutters if you are keen to let light flood into your room. Café style shutters give you better control of privacy making them particularly useful for windows close to pavements.

What configurations are available with a Café Style Shutter?

Our range of Café Style Shutters come can be configured to your individual taste. You can choose between wood and our vinyl range, both of which come in a variety of louvre sizes, colours, and of course, they will be measured to a precise fit for your windows.

Which rooms are best suited for Café Style Shutters?

Café Shutters give you control over your privacy without compromising on light entering the room. So with this in mind, any room where you typically want privacy round the clock would be a good fit, such as a bathroom, kitchen and any living spaces that are next to a public walkway or busy road.

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