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How we treat and manage your personal data



We have created this policy to explain how we Collect, Use, Disclose, Transfer and Store your Data.

Thomas Sanderson Limited (TSL) is committed to protecting your and your family’s personal information when you are using TSL services. We want our services to be safe and enjoyable environments for our customers. This Privacy and Cookies Policy relates to our use of any personal information we collect from you via the following online services:

    • any website that links to this Privacy and Cookies Policy;
    • social media or official TSL content on other websites;
    • mobile device and computer applications (“Apps”); any other media service.
    • It also relates to our use of any personal information you provide to us by phone, SMS, email, in letters and other correspondence and in person.

In order to provide you with the full range of TSL goods and services, we sometimes need to collect information about you.

This Privacy and Cookies Policy explains the following:

    • what information TSL may collect about you;
    • how TSL will use information we collect about you;
    • when TSL may use your details to contact you;
    • whether TSL will disclose your details to anyone else;
    • your choices regarding the personal information you provide to us;
    • the use of cookies on TSL’s website and how you can reject cookies.

TSL is committed to safeguarding your personal information. Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use your information in line with all present applicable laws concerning the protection of personal information, including the Data Protection Act 1998 (these laws are referred to collectively in this Privacy and Cookies Policy as the "Data Protection Laws") and future legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (which will be introduced in May 2018). No website can be completely secure; if you have any concerns that your TSL data and contract information could have been compromised then please do get in touch immediately.

The TSL website may from time to time contain hyperlinks to websites owned and operated by third parties recommended by us. These third party websites have their own privacy policies, and are also likely to use cookies, and we therefore urge you to review them. They will govern the use of personal information you submit when visiting those websites, which may also be collected by cookies. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third party websites and your use of such websites is at your own risk.

  1. WHO ARE TSL ?

Thomas Sanderson Limited (TSL) are one of the leading manufacturers of window blinds and window shutters as well as a major provider of associated valet services for the home and conservatories.

Over the past twenty-five years, TSL has handcrafted the very best products for our customers across the UK. At the heart of our business is our people, who demonstrate daily how much pride they take in creating every blind and shutter, or in providing a valet service, and you will discover for yourself just how much passion, precision and consideration goes into each and every order, giving you the confidence to know that you have ordered from the very best. The TSL experience is truly unique, from the design team who help you create your perfect room to our professional installation team and valeters who are who are meticulous in bringing your vison to life. 

TSL is also part of the Hunter Douglas Group.

Hunter Douglas N.V is a publicly listed Dutch multinational corporation which is the world’s leading manufacturer of window coverings as well as a major manufacturer of architectural products. It engages in constant development of innovative, high quality, proprietary products that can be found in millions of homes and commercial buildings around the globe. Hunter Douglas operates as a highly decentralised, global federation of small and medium-sized companies that market and manufacture similar products.


Our online services, which we alone operate, comprise our Website,, and the Apps that run in conjunction with it and are available on the Internet and are principally available in the UK. They are also available to customers in Eire, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

Our activities are only covered by this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

From time to time we may seek to introduce or recommend other companies to you with who provide ancillary goods and services which we believe will be of interest to you by reference to the goods or services you have purchased from us. These companies must operate to TSL standards but please make sure that you always check the privacy policies of the websites you use so you know who runs the website and how they will use your data.

When we refer to “we” or “our” or “us” or “TSL”, we are referring to Thomas Sanderson but only in relation to TSL’s use of information collected by us from you.


When you participate in, access or sign up to any of TSL’s  services,  activities  or  online  content,  such  as  newsletters, competitions, message boards, web and mobile  notifications, telephone or text or make a contract with us, we may receive personal information about you. This can consist of information such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone, text or mobile number, gender or date of birth, as well as information collected about who also lives at your address.

Please note that sometimes we will require you to provide additional personal information, and on occasions this may include sensitive personal information. When we do this we will provide further information about why we are collecting your information and how we will use it.

Where we provide personalised services, we may ask your permission to review third party data about you, in order to get to know you better and to provide more effective personalisation. Some of our services enable you to sign-in via a third party service. If you choose to sign-in via a third party app, you will be presented with a dialogue box which will ask your permission to allow TSL to access your personal information (e.g. your full name, date of birth, email address and any other information you have made publicly accessible). Please note that any information that is not required by the particular service you have opted to use will not be retained by us.

TSL collects information about how you use our Apps, websites or other content online, and the device(s) you use to access the services. This includes collecting unique online identifiers such as IP addresses, which are numbers that can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet.

Please see below Section 12 of this Policy on TSL’s use of Cookies and Similar Technologies, and Section 14, on Information collected by TSL whenever you use TSL Apps via any Media Platform.


TSL will use your personal information for a number of purposes including the following:

    • to provide our services, activities or online content, to provide you with information about them and to deal with your requests and enquiries;
    • to provide you with the most user-friendly online navigation experience;
    • for "service administration purposes", which means that TSL may contact you for reasons related to the service, activity or online content , as set out in Section 5 below (e.g. to provide you with password reminders, to notify you that a particular service, activity or online content has been suspended for maintenance, to notify you of updates to our Privacy and Cookies Policy or Terms of Use, to let you know if your TSL data has become dormant and to ask if you would like to use it again before we close it);
    • to keep our database accurate and up to date;
    • where we provide personalised services, we may analyse the information you supply, as well as your activity on our (and other) services, so that we can offer a more relevant, tailored service. If you don’t want to receive these services you can ask us to  disable personalisation;
    • we may also show you relevant advertising on third party sites which we believe would be of interest to you;
    • to contact you about a submission you have made, including any content you provide.
    • to use IP addresses and device identifiers to identify the location of users, to block disruptive use, to establish the number of visits from different locations and countries, and to determine whether you are accessing the services from the UK or not;
    • for analysis and research purposes so that we may improve the services offered by TSL. This can include using geo-demographic information from external sources, where this helps us to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers;
    • we may also use and disclose information in aggregate (so that no individuals are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes; and,
    • Where we propose using your personal information for any other purpose we will ensure that we notify you first. Please see Section 15 below for details.

When you make a Contract with us, you will be sent a copy of it together with all associated documentation, utilising the data provided to us. To provide you with a seamless experience, it may be necessary to share your personal information between different departments within our company. We will only share what we need to in order to provide the goods or services you are purchasing from us - we will never routinely share all of the data we each hold about you.

Your TSL Contract will always be covered by the policies of this website. But, please be aware that additional policies may apply if your TSL Contract is linked to another Contract.


TSL may contact you:

    • in relation to any goods and/or services, activity or online content in order to ensure that TSL can deliver the goods and/or services to you, e.g. to verify your email when you sign up for a Contract, or to help you in any way connected to your data, e.g, to update the information we hold or to delete dormant data;
    • in relation to any correspondence we receive from you or any comment or complaint you make to us about TSL goods and/or services;
    • in relation to any personalised services you are using;
    • in relation to any contribution you have submitted to us, e.g. via message boards or via text or voicemail message;
    • to invite you to participate in surveys about the TSL goods and/or services (participation is always voluntary);
    • to update you on any material changes to TSL’s policies and practices; and or marketing purposes, as set out below in Section 7.

Please be cautious if you receive any emails or calls from people asking for your personal information and claiming to be from TSL. Please be particularly aware if anyone contacts you requesting your personal Bank Details and if you believe at any time that you may be the victim of Fraud then please do contact us immediately via our Customer Services Team on 0800 014 2525.


TSL will only send you marketing emails or contact you on other media platforms where you have agreed to this. We may personalise the message content based upon any information you have provided to us and your use of such platforms.

We may use information which we hold about you to show you relevant advertising on third party sites. This could involve showing you an advertising message where we know you have a TSL Contract and have used goods and services. If you don’t want to be shown targeted advertising messages from us, some third party sites allow you to request not to see messages from specific advertisers on that site in future. If you want to stop all personalised services from us, including targeted advertising messages on third party sites you can ask us to disable personalisation.


We will keep your information within TSL except where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies, including for child safety and protection reasons) or as described below in this section under the heading Offensive or Inappropriate Posting of Content.

We may share your information within our company and with companies within the  Hunter Douglas Group where this is necessary to provide you with the goods and/or services you have requested to purchase.

Generally, we will use your information within TSL and will only share it outside TSL where you have requested it or given your consent. However, we may share with third party sites some data, with appropriate security measures, to show you relevant advertising on third party sites, as set out in Section 7 above. Sometimes TSL uses third parties to process your information on our behalf, e.g., to provide services or analysis, or to comply with the terms of your Contract, or to provide an extraneous service at our request for your personal benefit. TSL requires these third parties to comply strictly with its instructions and TSL requires that they do not use your personal information for their own business purposes, unless you have explicitly consented to the use of your personal information in this way.

We may share your personal information internally (i.e. with other departments within TSL), to keep our database accurate and up to date.


If you post or send content which may reasonably be deemed to be offensive, inappropriate or objectionable anywhere on or to TSL websites or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any TSL service, TSL may use your personal information to stop such behaviour.

Where TSL reasonably believes that you are or may be in breach of any applicable laws (e.g. because content you have posted on the internet or other media platforms may be defamatory, including hate speech), TSL may use your personal information to inform relevant third parties, including to laws enforcement agencies. TSL would only do so in circumstances where such disclosure is permitted under applicable laws, including data protection laws.


We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity or legitimate business interest. If you make  a request to us in writing to delete your personal information then we will do so immediately or as soon as is reasonably possible, and any remaining information will be purely be used to maintain our business records and also anonymised if utilised for analytical purposes.

The same considerations will apply where you post content together with your personal information (User Generated Content or UGC).

If your data has not been used in the last two years we may choose to class it as dormant or may entirely at our own discretion elect to delete it in line with our privacy policy. If we make this latter choice, we will email to remind you before deletion so please check your inbox regularly to see if we have sent you any emails about this. If you have made a purchase from us of any goods and/or services then your account will be considered to be active because it is required to continue to access that data.


You can always ask us to delete the data we hold about you. You can do so by making a written request to us to : [INSERT E-MAIL ADDRESS AS APPROPRIATE].

As explained in Section 9 above, deleting your data will erase any personal information that we have about you and it will mean any data we do hold about how you have used TSL will be made anonymous.

Deleting your data will not delete the data you shared with TSL for reasons that are not connected with your TSL Contract.


Under the Data Protection Act 1998, and future legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (which will be introduced in May 2018), you have the right to request a copy of the personal information that TSL holds about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. (We currently charge £10.00 for information requests and require you to prove your identity with 2 pieces of approved identification). We will use reasonable efforts consistent with our legal duty to supply, correct or delete personal information about you on our files. If you are within the UK, please address requests and questions about this or any other question about this Privacy and Cookies Policy to the Data Protection Officer, Thomas Sanderson Limited, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 7UW

From outside the UK, please E-Mail or write to the Data Protection Officer, Thomas Sanderson Limited, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 7UW.

All personal information submitted by users outside the UK will be processed in accordance with this Privacy and Cookies Policy and in the event of any dispute the applicable law shall be the Law of England & Wales.

We will need two copies of forms of identification, which can be:

    • Passport
    • Driving licence
    • Birth certificate
    • Utility bill (from last 3 months)
    • Current vehicle registration document
    • Bank statement (from last 3 months)
    • Rent book (from last 3 months).

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