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In-home consultation

An illustration of a person talking with a consultant over a laptop, with garage door fabric samples on the table.

Discuss your requirements and view samples with a design consultant who'll help you create a vision of your gable end blinds or shutters and give you a quote



Gable Ends Survey

When you're ready to proceed, an installer visits to conduct a survey, verifying precise measurements of your gable end window for a full account of the space



Production (Romans)

Using the highest quality materials our skilled teams create your made-to-measure gable end blinds or shutters


Professional installation

Gable Ends Installation

Your installer returns to fit your gable end blinds or shutters and talk you through anything you need to know

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Gable End FAQs

What is a gable end?

A gable end is the end wall of a building on the side which is topped by a gable, where the wall is a triangular section supporting two sides of a sloping roof. Sometimes in place of a brick wall architects will design a wall of glass instead, often created from non-opening panes of glass to the upper triangular section, and glass doors and windows to the lower section. These gable end windows allow natural light to flood through.

How do you dress a gable end window?

Finding the right window treatments is often tricky, and gable end window dressings are no exception. It can help to view the overall shape in smaller sections. The top triangle is likely to need a shaped solution, whether that’s shaped blinds, gable end blinds or shutters, while the remainder can work with a variety of shading solutions, from vertical blinds to roller blinds, blackout blinds or specialist window coverings that can be both shaped for the top and regular beneath for a matching set.

How do you insulate gable ends?

The easiest way to insulate gable ends is with specialist gable window blinds with thermal properties. Because there is such a large expanse of glass involved the room will be very warm in summer and potentially very cold in winter. Blinds such as Duette® have thermal properties to combat this and are an ideal option for gable blinds. Shutters are also a great choice, as they can be shaped and the material they are made from has inherent thermal benefits.

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