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Patios are an ideal catch-up spot for whether it’s morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening celebrations and our retractable awnings make them more enjoyable. Tailored to your exact requirements with options including wind sensors, heating and lighting to enhance your outdoor experience. Our smart electric system elevates your control beyond a simple remote, with an app or voice command.


Our bespoke awning service

Ts Designboard 10950 3 Awning

Our bespoke awning service

As part of our all-inclusive service we’re with you every step of your journey, from choosing the right product to the installation. With experts at every stage and experience that comes from years of working with customers and their homes, you can rest assured you’re in safe and knowledgeable hands.

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Ts Designboard 10950 3 Awning

Matt & Lisa Tebbutt’s home

We were delighted when chef and Saturday Kitchen presenter Matt Tebbutt and his wife Lisa came to us looking for help with their beautiful Welsh home. Having helped them with shutter solutions for an unusual-shaped window, their attention switched to the outside, where our luxury awnings could help create an exterior space that everyone would enjoy.

Matt and Lisa Tebbutt
Ts 2021 Pr Influencer Matt And Lisa Tebbutt Awning Dark Pewter Landscape01 1

Awnings FAQs

What are your awnings made from?

Our awnings feature solution-dyed acrylic fabric in a huge range of colours, on powder coated aluminum arms in white or anthracite colours to co-ordinate with your doors and window frames. Elbows and hinges are made in compressed forged steel and rustproof zinc plated springs.

Can I have an awning installed onto a conservatory, sunroom or balcony?

Yes, however, if there is no brick wall to fix the awning to, a free-standing frame would be the preferred installation instead. A comprehensive survey will be carried out before installation and you can talk over your options with your expert designer during this time.

Can I have an awning on my bungalow?

Yes. It is possible to install an awning on a single-story true bungalow, using specialist spreader plates to affix the awning to the wall. A comprehensive survey will be carried out before installation and you can talk over your options with your expert designer during this time.

Will it be necessary to move any pipeworks or guttering to fit the awning?

No. If there is any pipework or guttering where the awning is to be installed, we can use specialist parts to fit around obstacles, such as drain pipes, or uneven walls.

Will the installation require drilling into any walls or rewiring?

Due to their motorised nature, our expert awning installers will need access to a power source within your home. The awning installer will drill a small hole through your wall in order that the power lead can be inserted and then plugged into an internal power socket. Your installer will be able to answer any specific questions about this installation.

What do the wind sensors do?

The sensors detect when the weather has become too windy, and will automatically retract your awning. This keeps it safe from any damage caused by strong winds.

What does a sun sensor do?

A sun sensor will detect when the sun is shining and will automatically open out your awning to provide shade. This is particularly helpful during a sunny day, as it ensures a cool and shaded area in advance of your requirement and also helps protect furniture both inside and out from UV rays.

What is the warranty on an awning?

All our awnings come with the reassurance of a five year performance guarantee.

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