Seasonal Styling - Autumn

Sophie McCreadie

BY Sophie McCreadie

Published: 20 October 2021 Updated: 26 July 2022

Autumn arrival

As the seasons change and summer finally gives way to autumn, it’s an ideal time to take another look at your window furnishings and get ready to inject the allure of autumn into your home.

Where to start with autumn styling

Where to start with autumn styling

When autumn curls its darker nights around your home, there’s little better than drawing your curtains or blinds and settling down with a good book or some television and blocking out the world, not to mention the wild and windy weather outside. So what are the best solutions for creating a snug and relaxing setting as the nights start to draw in? Consider colour, texture and ease of use and you’ll be off to a good start.



Autumn brings some of the most beautiful colours into nature’s palette; gold, russet, amber, olive green, rich plum, smoky charcoal and incorporating these colours into your space can make a fundamental difference. If you prefer a more neutral look overall, you can still add touches of autumnal colour with throws, cushions and other accessories, including plants and flowers and increase the different textures to bring more emphasis.



Autumn works really well in texture; it’s the perfect mid-way stop between the breezy flowing voiles of summer and the plush velvet fabrics of winter so you’re quite spoiled for choice. With curtains you can enjoy a range of textures, from jacquard, embroidery, linens and silks while blinds can have silken or linen-effect, and patterns that appear as a texture. Anything that ruffles the smooth flatness without being overly plush will work well and if you can combine it with autumnal colours then the impact will be doubled. And of course that can include cushions, throws and even furniture.


Shutters have the benefit of working well in every season and autumn is no exception. Styles such as Full Height, Tier on Tier and Solid shutters all create that snug feeling when they’re closed and often that can be enough. For shutters such as Cafe style, where only a portion of the window is covered, you’re likely to want additional solutions. You can opt for a range of blind styles and fabrics and choose to lower them fully behind your shutters or simply to meet the top. Combining shutters with curtains will create a layered look by day that’s extremely efficient by night, keeping light and noise out, and the heat in. And don’t forget that shutters come in more than just white; our hardwood shutters feature a range of wood stains that are perfect for autumnal looks, such as Ginger Snap, Floral Cherry and the aptly named Autumn's Eve, while our Harlequin colour shutter collection includes green, ochre and grey in warm shades for a more modern look.

Mauve coloured solid tracked harlequin shutters fitted to a tall rectangular window in a bedroom decorative in repeating geometric designs



The enormous range of blinds available can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best one, but again, if you focus on what matters most to you, it can help narrow the field. If you want a traditional look, with a wide choice of colour, texture and pattern then Roman blinds are the most obvious choice. If ease of use is at the top of your list, then take a look at blinds that can be powered electronically or by remote, such as our specialist Duette and Silhouette blinds, which also have their own individual properties, including thermal benefits, colours and textures.


Curtains are the ultimate solution to creating a warm and cosy environment to enjoy the evening. For a real autumnal look, go for fabrics that have a heavyweight look, jacquard, linen, faux silk, and you can even go as far as faux velvet, just avoid traditional Christmas colours and leave them for later in the year. If you’re less keen on large amounts of colour, look for cream curtains with embroidery or other embellishments that can bring those autumn hues into the room in a more subtle way.
It’s not just about the visuals, though so think about linings for autumn too. Blackout linings are a real boon in autumn, because not only do they prevent light seepage that can spoil the autumnal atmosphere you’re trying to create, but they also help stop the warmth of the room escaping at your windows. If heat loss is a real challenge at your windows, consider curtains with thermal linings, the ultimate solution for any home, but they’re particularly effective in period homes, or at larger expanses of glass.

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