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White coloured blinds fitted to door windows that open onto a garden, the room features a sofa and vase of flowers

Stylish both inside and out

Patio doors are a beautiful way to let light into your home. But when the sun goes down you might want to maintain your privacy, which is where our contemporary range of Patio Door Blinds can add real value. From delicate vertical fabrics to neat pleated designs, we will help find the furnishing that fits with your way of life.

Blue coloured Duette blinds fitted to a series of windows in different shapes in a white decorated conservatory

Fit for purpose

With careful and precise installation techniques, your new blinds will be perfected fitted to work with your patio door – ensuring no part ever restricts movement or gets in the way.


Home comfort

Each Patio Door Blind has its own way of increasing your privacy and helping you feel more comfortable in your own home. Ideal if your doorway is overlooked or next to a busy road.

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Home > Window Blinds > Patio Doors