Dress your window for their shape

07 September 2015

Sophie McCreadie

Sophie McCreadie

If you have unusually shaped windows in your home, it can be difficult to know how best to dress them. But stunning architectural details like bay windows, arched windows and round windows are an asset to your property, so celebrate them. Show off those beautiful curves and angles - don’t hide them with curtains!

Simplicity is the key because you don’t want to obscure the shape of the windows. That’s why Thomas Sanderson’s range of bespoke, handcrafted blinds and shutters follow the lines of your windows perfectly.

For lovely bay windows, our revolutionary BayLine fitting system for blinds has been specially designed to allow for a superior fit within its neat framework. It blends effortlessly with your bay window, perfectly encasing your blind. This gives you fewer light gaps and more privacy.

If you prefer shutters to blinds, Thomas Sanderson’s unique bay window shutters mean you will get a perfect fit, no matter how wonky the window and walls are! Whatever the shape or size of your bay window, you can be sure of a beautiful window dressing to show off the architectural detailing.

For arched, round or angled windows, look no further than our stunning shaped shutters. With these, you can shade all the parts of the window so that you have maximum control over the light levels. At Thomas Sanderson, we pay great attention to detail. For an extra special touch, our shaped shutters can be beautifully finished with unique architectural mouldings.

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