Dress your window for their shape

Lisa Cooper

BY Lisa Cooper

Published: 07 September 2015 Updated: 21 May 2024

If you have unusually shaped windows in your home, it can be difficult to know how best to dress them. Read on to see our hints and tips.

What defines a shaped window?

A shaped window simply refers to any window that’s not the traditional rectangular shape that’s usually seen at standard windows. So even a bay window can be classed as a shaped window, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the challenges bay windows can bring.

Pink Duette Blind fitted to a bay shaped window in a kitchen

What are the different types of shapes?

With modern advances in technology and manufacturing it’s almost possible to get a window in any shape imaginable and to any scale too. But let’s take a look at some of the most common shapes and one of the most effective products that highlight them – window shutters.

Ts 2021 Mol Waterberry Shaped Full Height Shutters Cotton White Bedroom Landscape 1280

Popular shapes - gable end

A gable end window is a striking feature in any home and is an extremely popular choice for extended spaces, which often have multiple functions to fulfil. With such large expanses of glass, not to mention the height, gable ends can present a challenge when it comes to window furnishings, and shaped shutters are an excellent solution.

Ts Burley Shaped Bedroom White 2 1280

Popular shapes - gable end with doors

Because our shutters are bespoke, we can custom make them to suit the space, so if your gable end also features doors then we can craft tracked shutters that allow full functionality to the doors and dress the shaped section of the gable separately. Dependant on the height involved, an additional set of shutters may also be necessary between the lower doors or window and the upper shape and this can add further visual interest.

Ts Burley Doors Lounge White 13

Popular shapes - arched

There’s something quite serene about the flowing curve of an arched window and it’s an unusual shape that you really don’t want to cover up with blinds. Shaped shutters really make the most of it. The lightflow through arched windows can create some truly beautiful effects with tilted louvres while still allowing you total control over it. And of course, one of the real pluses of shutters is that come evening you can simply close it all up for total privacy and you’ll still be able to appreciate the elegantly shaped feature.

White coloured vinyl shutters fitted to an arch shaped in a bathroom that is decorated in white with one wall decorated in a range of aquatic colours

Popular shapes - angled

Angled windows are a far more common feature than you might think, and can appear in a variety of different settings.
A sloping ceiling line can often make the corner of a room a bit of a dead space, even if there’s plenty of height, as with this image. Bespoke shutters crafted to work with this right angled window and additional shutters to the lower windows help transform this space into a peaceful reading or relaxation nook, and the fully adjustable louvres on both sets ensure you won’t be bothered by glare or bright sunlight.

Ts Shutters Kenilworth Shaped 1701 White Extended

Bay windows

Bay windows can be a real focal point in any room but they can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to dressing them as the walls are rarely straight and true. To overcome these challenges we use a unique bay pole system that can accommodate virtually any angle. This system allows each shutter panel to pivot around the pole to ensure a precise, flush fit with minimal gaps, regardless of height, size or angle of the window aperture. Once installed, the ends of the panels perfectly mirror the shape and lines of the bay window, creating a naturally integrated look.

Roman Gallery 3 Guetzli

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