Bedroom Shutters

Two blue coloured solid shutters in a cream decorated room

The perfect environment

Style and design will never be as important as a good night’s sleep, which is why our bespoke range of bedroom shutters come with both. Minimum light seepage for peace and privacy when you need it, and an elegant handcrafted finish to help create a relaxing mood.

White coloured solid shutters fitted to a rectangular room in a bedroom that is decorated in matching white colours

Helping you sleep easy

Our bedroom shutters can be combined with a Duette® blackout blind, giving you up to 99% light blockage throughout the night as well as helping keep external noise outside where it belongs.

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Enhance your style

Give your Wooden Shutters a bespoke finish with our selection of matte paint and wood stains. Our design consultants can guide you through choosing the perfect colour for your home.

Discover the beauty of bespoke

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