Benefits of Garage doors

Electric operation

Motorised As Standard (GD)

Using a keyring fob or wireless keypad

Made in the UK

Production (GD)

Our dedicated UK team work to your bespoke requirements

Safe and secure

Secure And Safe

Our strong and sturdy garage doors are fitted with an automatic object detection sensor and a safety edge stop

Fully insulated

Fully Insulated

With an insulated garage door, your garage can be used whatever the weather outside

Our garage door service


In-home consultation

In Home Consultation

Discuss your requirements with a design consultant, who'll help you find the right garage door and give you a quote



Survey (GD)

When you're ready to proceed, an installer visits to conduct a survey and verify precise measurements


Door production

Production (GD)

Using the highest quality materials our skilled teams create your made to measure garage door


Professional installation

Installation GD

Your installer returns to fit your garage door and they'll take your old door away for disposal

Current locations

Currently available in AL, B, BH, BN, BR, CB, CH, CM, CO, CR, CT, CV, CW, DA, DE, DN, DT, DY, E, EC, EN, GL, GU, HA, HD, HP, HR, IG, IP, KT, LE, LN, LS, LU, M, ME, MK, N, NG, NN, NR, NW, OL, OX, PE, PO1-29, RG, RH, RM, S, SE, SG, SG, SK, SL, SM, SN, SO, SP, SS, ST, SW, TF, TN, TW, UB, W, WA, WC, WD, WF, WR, WS, WV

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What our customers say

Garage Door FAQs

Where are Thomas Sanderson garage doors manufactured?

All of our garage doors are manufactured within the UK.

How secure are Thomas Sanderson garage doors?

All of our secure garage doors are equipped with a patented locking system, for your peace of mind. Our Ultra 77 roller door has even been recognised with Secured by Design accreditation. This means that it is a police preferred specification and has been tested to police and insurance standards.

How do I clean my garage door?

Your door can easily be cleaned using soapy water and a sponge. It is best to avoid harsh or abrasive detergents, bleach, gritted cloths or solvent cleaners.

Will you take my old garage door away?

Yes, we install your new door and take your old one away when we leave; it is all part of our bespoke service.

What type of garage door should I have?

We offer two different types of garage door - roller or sectional - each with unique benefits. At your design consultation, your consultant will advise you which option is best for your home, based on your bespoke requirements and garage specifications.

Do you offer coloured garage doors?

Yes, we offer a wide choice of colours and finishes for your garage door. For a truly bespoke look, ask your design consultant about our custom colour service.

Do garage doors use a lot of electricity?

No. They use very little power when opening or closing and they are likely to only do this a few times per day. In standby mode, they do use electricity - as any appliance does - as the sensors are "always on", ready to signal the garage door openers. A garage door uses roughly 0.033kWh to open and close four times per day, and about 0.12kWh per day on standby. This adds up to around 4.6kWh per month.

What is the safety edge?

All of our quality garage doors are fitted with either safety edge technology, or object detection sensors, for your safety and peace of mind. A safety edge is fitted to the bottom of a roller garage door and is activated when the door starts to close. If it comes into contact with a person or object whilst the door is closing, it will transmit a signal to the wall-mounted control unit. The door will then stop and reopen a short distance.

How much do garage doors cost?

The price of a garage door will depend on the dimensions of your garage and your bespoke requirements. During your design consultation, your consultant will discuss the options available for your home and provide a no-obligation quote.

Are garage doors insulated?

We offer the highest quality garage doors, manufactured from either aluminium or steel, dependent on the style you choose. For premium insulation, we recommend a sectional garage door. This type of door features 4cm thick insulated panels, which offer thermal and acoustic control. Sectional garage doors are ideal for multi-functional garages.

Does my garage door come with a guarantee?

We’re proud of our quality and craftsmanship and to ensure you’re equally satisfied, we offer a twelve month warranty on all our garage doors. We will repair or replace any faults that have not been caused by accidental damage, misuse or normal wear and tear. In addition to our twelve months warranty, we offer a further four years extended care plan on materials and workmanship. For a nominal call out fee, we will repair or replace any faults.

Do you repair garage doors?

As part of our warranty, we will repair or replace any faults that have not been caused by accidental damage, misuse or normal wear and tear. If your garage door has been accidentally damaged, we can arrange for an installer to come out for a small service fee. They can discuss the options and costs to replace the damage.

What happens if there’s a power cut and I need to open my door?

In the event of a prolonged power cut, during which you need to open or close your garage door, you can activate a manual override.

Are garage doors covered by home insurance?

As long as it is within the boundaries of your property, it is likely that your home insurance will cover your garage door, but it is a good idea to contact your insurance provider to check. It could also be worth making your car insurance company aware you have a new garage door, as they may consider this a benefit for your policy.

Do you offer smart garage doors?

Yes, smart technology is available for our garage doors, which are motorised as standard using market leading Somfy technology. At your design consultation, your consultant can share smart technology options based on your bespoke requirements.

Can I add more key fobs?

We will supply you with two key fobs and you can purchase additional key fobs, if required.

The safety edge requires a battery, how long will this last?

The safety edge is wireless and there is a battery situated inside the garage in the bottom corner. The battery is a 3.6V Lithium AA battery and should last 2-3 years.

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