How to clean shutters

Juliet Russell

BY Juliet Russell

Published: 19 June 2022 Updated: 17 August 2022

Shutters are beautiful window dressings in any room so it's important to keep them looking their best. Read on to find out the best way to clean them.

Consider the shutter material first

The best way to clean your shutters depends on a number of different factors. First up – what are your shutters made of? This is the most important fact to consider, as using the wrong cleaning method could cause considerable damage to either the louvres or the frame and prevent them from operating smoothly or fitting well, or even damage them cosmetically.

Cleaning wooden shutters

The best way to clean wooden shutters is to simply wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth or a duster. Tilt the louvres open, wipe from edge to edge, then close the louvres and wipe from top to bottom, including the frame.

If dust has built up in the corners of the frame, or at the edges of the louvres then gently remove it with a clean, dry soft toothbrush, which won't scratch or damage either the underlying wood, nor any paint or wood stain.

White coloured cafe shutters on a tall rectangular window in a room decorated with intricately designed wallpaper

Cleaning vinyl shutters

Vinyl shutters are often used in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms because of their ability to shrug off moisture and steam, meaning they can often be slightly more dusty or dirty, as these particles in the wet air settle on the shutter surface more than in dry air.

As with wooden shutters, wiping with a clean microfiber cloth or duster is the best place to start, again beginning by wiping open louvres, then wiping them closed, followed by the frame, which will both clean and also dry them.

Cleaning other shutters

If your shutters are a hybrid shutter, made from a combination of vinyl louvres in a wood or wood particle frame, then clean them in the same way you would for wooden shutters. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean any kind of shutter, as long as you utilise the soft upholstery attachment, and gently brush it over the shutter louvres and frame.

Removing stains from shutters

If you discover a stain on your shutter while cleaning that doesn’t budge with a dry cloth it can still be possible to remove it without damaging your shutter, if you’re careful. Take a cloth and wet it slightly, so it’s barely damp, then rub lightly until the stain lifts. Don’t be tempted to rub too hard, or to use any type of cleaning product. Once the stain has lifted, make sure to wipe away any moisture with a clean, dry cloth. This applies to both wooden and vinyl shutters and should be adequate to remove most stains.

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