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5 Star on Trustpilot

From light to shade in style

Having a clear view of a beautiful sunny day and the crisp night sky is one of the best features a conservatory can offer. But when you need a little more shade or to close your home up for the night, our specialist conservatory blinds offer a comfortable and reliable solution. Made to fit whatever shape and size of your roof windows, all in a style to suit your home.

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Energy saving

Meticulously designed to cut out overhead glare, our specialist blinds can moderate the amount of heat entering or leaving the space, helping to reduce heat loss in the winter months.

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Refined design

Our experts have developed an exclusive system to prevent sagging or dropping each time the blinds are opened, ensuring they will keep looking their best day after day.

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Your questions answered

Will my blinds sag in the roof panels?

Definitely not. All our blinds are fitted to perfection using unique techniques to ensure they won’t sag or droop, and stay crisp and neat for many years.

What is the best product to fit in my conservatory roof?

Your local designer will be able to provide samples of different fabrics to find the solution that best suits your style without compromising on performance.

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