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5 star on TrustPilot

A balance of light & privacy

With their slim profile and unibody-style silhouette, Pleated Blinds have the elegant option of fitting directing into the window frame – making them a neat and versatile choice if you are looking for a solution to complex shapes like conservatory roofs. A clever design that can effortlessly filter light and shade, all without the use of cords.

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Making the difference

Crafted for your way of life

Pleated Blinds can be fitted in a number of combinations to suit your needs. Such as Café, that lifts from the bottom up for privacy without light compromise, and Twin Shade, that gives you two blinds back to back so you can change your setting throughout the day.


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Your local designer will come to your home to show you colour samples and full-working models of our product range.
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Choosing the perfect blind is much more than simply matching a colour or fabric to your existing décor. Which is why your local Thomas Sanderson designer will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right product. With full working models and samples brought right to your door.

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Your questions answered

What are pleated blinds?

Pleated blinds are our most discrete blind.

Can I automate pleated blinds?

Pleated blinds do not work with PowerView® however, we are able to provide 24v mains operated pleated blinds and some Home Automation Systems will be compatible.

What material are the pleated blinds made from?

All of our fabrics are manufactured from UV stabilised polymers, which are the highest grade of polyester available and are extremely stable when exposed to Ultra Violet and Infra-Red rays

How can I look after my blinds?

The blinds are electro-statically impregnated to help prevent dust from settling and are also water resistant. All the fabrics are easy care which means they can be washed with a gentle sponge and MOST of our fabrics are fully washable – your Designer will be able to advise you on this

Will these blinds rot in a conservatory?

Because of the high levels of UV stabilisers incorporated into the fabrics they will not rot due to the sun or moisture and will remain colour fast.

Can I have shaped pleated blinds?

Yes. We are also able to provide Obtuse blinds out of one piece of fabric

Will pleated blinds reduce the temperature?

Roof AND window blinds will help reduce the radiant temperature back down to the ambient by approximately 66%.

Will they prevent UV damage?

They will reduce UV damage by approximately 97%

Will they increase insulation?

They will increase the insulation values by approximately one third “U” value reduced from 2.9 to 1.8 and there will be approximately a 60% reflective transmittance reduction

How do we fit the blinds in a conservatory?

The most effective method is to rebate the blinds into each individual window frame allowing you shading but also the ability to open all your windows for ventilation

Can I have powered conservatory pleated blinds?

Yes. We can also provide a wall switch allowing you the ability to control the time your blinds open and close.

Where will my blinds be manufactured?

These will be manufactured in our factory in Portsmouth.

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