About Thomas Sanderson

About Thomas Sanderson

The beauty of bespoke

When you look at the windows around your home, do you see a one-size-fits-all shape or a feature that is part of each room’s identity? Something that would look fine with an off-the-shelf dressing, or a blank canvas that can be sculpted to work seamlessly into the design of your home?

The moment you start seeing windows as a feature, you open up a world of possibilities of what they can become. And with 30 years of creating bespoke window furnishings across the UK, we can help you add that perfect finish to bring the whole room together in your own sophisticated style.

From the beauty in clever design to the innovation behind modern smart homes, our considered collection of blinds, shutters and curtains are measured, coloured and engineered to perfectly fit into your lifestyle. Experience the beauty of bespoke craftsmanship with Thomas Sanderson.

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Discover the beauty of bespoke

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