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5 Star on Trustpilot

5 Star on Trustpilot

Fitting into your world

With a range of beautiful bespoke styles available, our handcrafted Tier on Tier Shutters combine quality with total versatility for you. With two easy-to-use sections giving you the option of what to open and close, this clever design configuration allows you to totally maintain your privacy, whilst still allowing light and air to flow into the room. Book a consultation

Making the difference

Independent Opening. Built in two sections, the top and bottom panels can be opened together or independently of each other – letting you change the scene throughout the day.
Light Control. This simple and classic design makes it the ideal choice for manipulating natural light entering the room, giving comforting privacy at your leisure.
Crafted for you. Whatever style or combination you choose, your bespoke shutters will be carefully handmade to your exact specifications by our experienced experts.
Made to Match. Choose from a range of beautiful paint and wood stain finishes, or satin vinyl finishes for more humid rooms, all carefully selected to complement your home perfectly.
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Versatility for every room

Our Tier on Tier Shutters can be combined with other shutter styles to give you the perfect solution for any room around your home. From a vinyl finish in the bathroom to give you reassuring privacy, to a mix of Solid and Classic Shutters in the living room for a traditional look and ambience. Book a consultation

Start your journey today

Your local designer will come to your home to show you colour samples and full-working models of our product range.
Our expert craftspeople use the best materials and techniques to handcraft your furnishings to your exact specifications.
Your bespoke furnishings will be expertly fitted by our team with care and precision, leaving you with an exceptional finish.
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Find your local designer

Whether you are looking for ideas or know exactly the window furnishing you love, your local Thomas Sanderson designer will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right product. With full working models and colour samples brought right to your door. Book a consultation

Discover the beauty of bespoke

Your questions answered

What is a tier on tier shutter?

Tier on tier shutters are designed so that the top and bottom shutter panels work independently of each other. They are usually uniform in design and contain the same number and size of louvres. You can open the top tier to let light flood your room, and keep the bottom tier closed to maintain privacy.

What windows best suit Tier on Tier Shutters?

Our Tier on Tier shutters are an ideal solution for tall or floor-length windows. The tier-on-tier shutter is designed with a clever overlapping structure, which provides a flawless and superior finish when your shutters are closed.

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