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Juliet Russell

BY Juliet Russell

Published: 13 February 2022 Updated: 13 April 2022

A perfect partnership

When we decided to create a collaborated collection, we chose a company that shared our passion and enthusiasm for superior design and quality products. With a background in interiors, Harlequin was the natural choice. Their approach to design has earned them a reputation for high fashion, statement patterns and rich colours.

Our curated collection

Our latest collaboration with Harlequin focuses on colour and its ability to transform a space, and our coloured shutters collection brings a contemporary look to our existing range. The collection features 10 luxurious rich tones that cover a diverse range of styles from neutrals to brights, providing a wide choice of variety with colours to suit every room.

Neutrals – Creams and Pale Greys

Neutrals – Creams and Pale Greys

Neutrals are beautifully versatile, but it’s not restricted to just white or cream; our collection includes soft shades that easily pair with other colours. This collection features Hempseed, a pale creamy beige with grey overtones, Innocent’s cream hue (shown here) and the beguiling pale grey-green of Seaglass.

Warm – Pink, Green and Dark Greys

Warm – Pink, Green and Dark Greys

The mid-range colours in our collection bring a more weighted palette that is strong enough to be the main focus of colour, yet not so overpowering that it can’t work with other shades or tones. From the delicate pink of Positano, to the warm grey of Sketched here, and finally the perfect mid-green of Succelent, our warm range of colours are ripe with possibilities.

Vibrant - Teal, Russet and Ochre

Vibrant - Teal, Russet and Ochre

Our teal, russet, and ochre palette is perfect for adding a burst of intense colour and vibrancy that will really draw the focus in the room.
The blue-green of Amazonia’s teal, seen here, Brazilian Rosewood offers a russet that heads closer to the brown end of the spectrum, while Pomegranate heads more towards the red side, with French Ochre bringing the final primary colour into play.

Zoe Castledine's experience

Zoe Castledine's experience

Harlequin Ambassador, Zoe Castledine asked for our help with her family music room. With precious vinyl records on display, not to mention mementos from her musical past, Zoe needed a solution that would allow her to control the light in a way that benefited those using it and also preserved Zoe’s memorable objects, and shutters are ideal, thanks to their easily angled louvres. She chose beautiful Positano shutters for the room, paired with faux velvet Brilliance Peacock curtains for a stunning contrasting look.

Explore our Harlequin shutter collection

Zoe loves design expressed with bold and experimental colour, and is a huge believer that it should convey a sense of who you really are. The combination of colours Zoe chose, the soft petal pink of the Positano shutters against the striking teal of Brilliance Peacock curtains perfectly encapsulates Zoe’s eclectic personality and these colours allow her to express it.

Harlequin Collection
Tier on tier shutters fitted to a bay window and paired with teal coloured curtains

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