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Our Vinyl shutter service


In-home consultation

In Home Consultation

Discuss your requirements and view shutter samples with a design consultant who'll help you create a vision of your Vinyl shutters and give you a quote


Shutter survey

Survey (Blinds)

When you're ready to proceed, an installer visits to conduct a survey, verifying precise measurements of your window for a full account of the shutter space


Vinyl shutter production

Production (GD)

Using the highest quality materials our skilled teams create your made-to-measure Vinyl window shutters


Professional installation

Web 1920 – 33

Your installer returns to fit your shutters and talk you through anything you need to know about your Vinyl window shutters

Recommended shutter styles for vinyl

Vinyl shutter FAQs

How do I clean Vinyl shutters?

Wet a soft cloth with water and give the shutters a simple wipe until they are free from dust. They can also be cleaned with a mild soap, though not with lemon oil or furniture polish. Since Vinyl shutters are non-porous, these shutters resist the growth of mildew and mould making them the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms and ensuites.

Do Vinyl shutters look cheap?

Our Vinyl shutters have a satin finish which makes them look just like painted wood shutters, so only you will know they're not real wood. Our Vinyl interior shutters have excellent kerb appeal from the outside too.

Are all Vinyl shutters the same?

No. Many waterproof non-wood shutters are often referred to as Vinyl when they're actually plastic. Over time, when exposed to sunlight or water, these types of plastic will fade, and become brittle making them more prone to cracking, warping or yellowing. Our Vinyl shutters are more durable than plastic so don't have any of these issues.

Are Vinyl shutters good?

Our Vinyl shutters are a good choice for many reasons. They're a practical option not just for bathrooms and kitchens, they're available in a huge range of styles, they're a great way to balance light and privacy and they won't fade in sunlight or yellow like some shutters. They also help keep heat in your room during the winter months.

Can you paint Vinyl shutters?

Our Vinyl shutters are non porous and already have a finish so you won't need to paint them or put any kind of treatment on them to keep them looking pristine.

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