White and cream shutters at a glance

Material options

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Choose from hardwood, composite or Vinyl in white and shades of cream


Durable Shutters

Rigourous testing ensures finish won't fade over time without white or cream yellowing with time

Stylish and practical

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Low maintenance for pristine looks

Prompt installation

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Vinyl option available for installation within five weeks

Explore our white and cream window shutter colours

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Our white and cream shutter service


In-home consultation

An illustration of a person talking with a consultant over a laptop, with garage door fabric samples on the table.

Discuss your requirements and view shutter samples with a design consultant who'll help you create a vision of your shutters and give you a quote



Survey (Blinds)

When you're ready to proceed, an installer visits to conduct a survey, verifying precise measurements of your window for a full account of the shutter space


Shutter production

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Using the highest quality materials our skilled teams create your made-to-measure shutters


Professional installation

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Your installer returns to fit your shutters and talk you through anything you need to know about your shutters

What our customers say

White and cream shutter FAQs

Do white plantation shutters go yellow?

Our white and cream shutters undergo rigorous testing that simulates a range of conditions, including sunlight hours that can cause white shutters to yellow. This ensures they're the best quality they can be and will keep their beautiful colour for years to come.

What styles are available in white and cream shutters?

Our white and cream shutters are available in a wide range of plantation and solid shutter styles, depending on whether you choose wooden shutters, hardwood shutters or vinyl shutters. Café style shutters are one of our most popular style in white and cream and have a quirky kerb appeal, while Full height shutters offer a more classic look. If you prefer a mix and match approach then Tier on Tier offer the option to have one style on the bottom half and a different style above, helping you to balance natural light with privacy control. The style you choose is down to personal preference and our white and cream shutters look beautiful in every style.

How to clean white shutter blinds?

White shutters are straightforward to clean. Simply adjust the louvres until they're closed then run a feather duster or a clean microfibre cloth over the surface, which will remove any dust. Then tilt the louvres until they're open and repeat. A soft crevice brush or toothbrush will take care of any dust around the hinges. You can also vaccum your shutters with an upholstery brush attachment on a low suction setting. Our Vinyl shutters are water resistant so you can use a mild detergent to remove any stains if necessary.

What are the benefits of white and cream shutters?

There's numerous benefits to white and cream shutters. They add a timeless elegance to any room, they're versatile and easy to co-ordinate with through any room. In summer, these colours are better at reflecting the sun's rays than darker colours, so will help keep a room cool. All shutters can also help reduce heat loss in your home during the winter months, which could be good news for your energy bills.

Are white and cream shutters a versatile choice?

Yes, they very much are. White is achromatic, that is, it reflects all the colours in a ray of light without dispersing any of the individual colours, so in reality, it's all the colours, so it can work with any colour, making it the most versatile colour for any room no matter the window size. White and cream shutters are also a good choice for smaller rooms as they create an illusion of light and space, and are ideal for drawing attention to larger windows and making a real feature out of them.

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