Living room shutters at a glance

Bay Window shutters

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We're experts at bay windows and can craft shutters for any type, box, curved or oriel

Privacy control

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Adjustable louvres ideal for privacy in front -facing windows

Style choices

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Wide range of styles available to balance your light and privacy needs

Quick installation

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Our Vinyl shutters can be installed within five weeks for most shapes

Our living room shutter service


In-home consultation

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Discuss your requirements and view shutter samples with a design consultant who'll help you create a vision of your living room shutters and give you a quote



Survey (Blinds)

When you're ready to proceed, an installer visits to conduct a survey, verifying precise measurements of your living room window for a full account of the space


Living room shutter production

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Using the highest quality materials our skilled teams create your made-to-measure living room shutters


Professional installation

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Your installer returns to fit your shutters and talk you through anything you need to know about your living room shutters

What our customers say

Living room window shutters FAQs

Are shutters good for a living room?

Shutters are an ideal choice for a living room for several reasons. If you're blessed with bay windows in your living room, then interior shutters are ideal for making a feature of this style, and our unique bay pole system ensures a precise fit. There's a vast range of styles to choose from, including café style shutters to balance light and privacy control to Tier on Tier for flexible light control.

Do shutters add value to your house?

Shutters certainly add to the kerb appeal of a property which can, in turn be seen to add value to your house. Whether you choose classic white, soft pastel, natural wood or choose different colours with our colour match service, shutters provide a stylish look for living rooms.

Can living room shutters help with temperature control?

Absolutely they can, yes. Shutters are particularly adept at helping reduce heat loss, with up to 36% reduction achievable depending on the shutter style, so you'll be warmer in winter with living room shutters, especially if you use a Solid style rather than plantation shutters, although you'll still benefit to a lesser degree. But it's not just about keeping the heat in during winter - shutters can help keep the heat out in summer. Closing your shutters through the day helps keep your room cool during the warmer months so it's a comfortable temperature when it's time to enjoy your living room.

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