Take control of your blinds at any time with help from Thomas Sanderson

09 March 2015

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Gain complete control of your blinds and find the perfect balance between light and shade. Thomas Sanderson is one of the most popular blinds companies in the UK, and we provide customers with a wide range of blinds in every room of the house.

So whether you have a difficult-to-reach skylight, a conservatory roof or a sunroom, there’s something to suit every room with the electric blinds from Thomas Sanderson.

We were the first to fully automate electric blinds for use in the conservatory, nearly 20 years ago. So you can rest assured that we are the experts, complete with unique service and perfectly fitting blinds.

At the touch of a button

You can move your blinds without ever leaving the sofa, either with the Platinum Power system or with the brand new Platinum app.

Just one touch can either let the light in or out of the conservatory, regulating temperature and protecting furniture from harmful UV rays.

Adjust the blinds from anywhere in your home thanks to our advanced infra-red and radio-frequency technology.

It is also possible to raise all of the blinds or just one of them, meaning you can have them exactly as you like.

So if the sun is in your eyes, or you just need a bit more privacy, the remote-controlled blinds from Thomas Sanderson are the answer to all of your problems.

For use anywhere in the house

The most common complaint that we hear time and time again from conservatory owners is that they are simply infuriated with the extreme temperatures that can fluctuate wildly throughout the year as the seasons change.

Remote controlled blinds mean that you can perfectly balance the sunlight in your house at the touch of a button.

They are controlled by either remote control or by the brand new Platinum app. All of your electric conservatory blinds can be easily opened at the touch of a button, which will allow you to let all of the light in, or alternatively keep the heat in – depending on the time of year!

Conservatories are often very temperature sensitive, as any owner will tell you.

With fitted blinds, you can close yourself into total darkness - perfect for bedrooms or when you are watching a film. And you can transfer your room into complete darkness in just a second, at the touch of a button.

The benefits of remote controlled blinds

  • Access hard to reach windows – you can let the light in whenever you want
  • Energy-efficient – don’t waste your money by letting the heat just dissipate out of the window
  • Ideal for people with mobility issues – sort your blinds out without having to move
  • Child and pet safe – these remote control blinds come with no cords, so are safe for pets and little ones
  • Protection for the furniture – UV rays can be an issue with furniture, so protect it with some blinds

If you are interested in some remote controlled blinds for your conservatory, why not book a design consultation with a Thomas Sanderson expert?

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