Choosing the Best Blackout Products for your Home

08 March 2021

Datch Datchens

Datch Datchens

During spring and summer the longer daylight hours are a tonic for the soul – but the early morning light can start your day earlier than you’d like. Thankfully, we have a range of solutions to blackout your window and let you sleep uninterrupted. Although different kinds of blackout products will offer slightly different levels of light blockage, the overall value of having blackout across your windows is the same and the most important thing is to choose which style is the best fit for your home.

Blackout in your own style

Blackout window furnishings do exactly what they say. Using specially crafted materials, these products help keep the light coming into your room down to a minimum. There’s an added bonus with some blackout products too, as they can act as an extra insulating layer to help keep noise outside where it belongs and also help regulate the temperature of your room, blocking the sun’s rays for cooler summers and trapping the heat inside for warmer winters, giving you a comfortable environment all-year-round which will also help you enjoy  a good night’s sleep.

Blackout Curtains

Let’s start with the most familiar type of blackout window dressing – blackout lined curtains. Almost all of our curtain fabrics can be paired with our blackout lining, and all our different header types can be paired with blackout lined curtains. Ensuring that each curtain is not just measured to the window but actually fitted slightly wider each side will mean that once they are drawn no light will seep in at the edges. An additional bonus of a blackout lining is that printed fabrics will appear more vivid.

Blackout blinds

Roman blinds are still a popular choice for bedrooms and choosing a blackout lining for a Roman blind is another good way of keeping the light out. If you feel a Roman blind isn’t luxurious enough for a relaxing bedroom then a great way to combat this is to layer them with curtains, which can either be functional or purely for dress. For a more contemporary feel take a look at some more modern blind solutions. Silhouette® blinds feature light-dimming fabrics, Duette® blinds are available in Dim-Out format, and Pleated blinds can be tailored to the measurements of your window and fitted within the window recess or directly to the frame itself – making it even harder for light to seep around the edges whenever the blinds are drawn. With the latest in smart-home technology, these blinds can also controlled remotely through a smartphone or personal assistant to instantly give you light or shade whenever you need it.

Blackout shutters

If you are looking for the ultimate in blackout, a set of custom-made blackout shutters are your answer. Precisely crafted to the exact size and shape of your windows, these classic window furnishings will already offer a high level of light blockage, but when combined with a blackout blind such as a Duette® blind behind the shutter, you’ll be sleeping long past the dawn’s early light.

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