3 Considerations When Choosing a Bathroom Blind

Lisa Cooper

BY Lisa Cooper

Published: 24 February 2019 Updated: 21 May 2024

It is safe to say that the bathroom is the most hardworking room in the house, and adding the right window furnishing will help turn this everyday space into your own personal sanctuary. But choosing a blind for your bathroom does not come without its challenges. So to make sure you choose a style or design that is built to last, here are the key things to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom blind.

Can it handle the humidity?

Bathrooms are subjected to a significant amount of moisture and humidity on a daily basis. And even if the room is well ventilated, your new blind should be able to keep looking its best and functioning properly through every steamy shower or long hot bath.

This is why choosing a blind that is specifically designed to deal with high levels of humidity should be your first priority. Faux wooden Venetian styles are popular for this reason. But if you like the elegant look of a fabric blind, choosing a water-resistant design like the Duette blind pictured here will help you add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom.

Duette Bathroom Blinds Landing Hero 1280

Can you still access the window?

Being able to open and close your bathroom window will always be important, so it is worth considering how your blind will be used on a daily basis and if it will restrict your window access.

Venetian blinds are again useful in these circumstances as the individual slates will allow you to not only open the window but also let air flow freely into the room. Some blinds can also be fitted directly onto the window frame itself, like the Metal Venetian blind shown in this picture. This has the added benefit of leaving any window handles unrestricted whether the blinds are open or closed.

blue coloured venetian blinds fitted to a series of windows

Will it keep out prying eyes?

Bathrooms are very personal space, so choosing a blind that maintains your privacy is a big consideration. Venetian blinds are an obvious choice for this reason as they allow you to tilt the slats to obstruct any views from outside.

If you are looking for a more tailored solution, a cafe style blind like the ones pictured here are the perfect answer for bathroom privacy. Unlike traditional blinds, these fabrics are attached at the bottom of the window rather than the top, allowing you to pull the blind up as far as you need to without blocking all of the light coming in from outside

Bathroom Blinds Lightbox 3 Guetzli

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