The Harlequin collection offers both traditional and modern colourways to suit any setting. From the softest blue-green touch in Seaglass to the vibrant teal of Amazonia, from the pale pink tones of Positano to the eye-catching Pomegranate, there’s a colour waiting to create your bespoke look.

Ts 2021 Harlequin Shutter Full Height Amazonia Bedroom Landscape

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Our bespoke service
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    Design consultation: Working collaboratively with you in your home, your designer creates the specification for your bespoke Harlequin coloured shutters.

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    Technical consultation: Our installer visits your home to conduct a technical survey, checking all measurements and any additional considerations.

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    Shutter production: Your bespoke Harlequin coloured shutters will be made using high quality materials and techniques by our skilled craftspeople.

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    Professional installation: Our expert installers will precision for your Harlequin shutters for an exceptional finish.

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Our bespoke service

Ts 2021 Service Softs Design Consultancy No Mask Sally Hurman Customer 04 1
Ts 2021 Service Softs Design Consultancy No Mask Sally Hurman Customer 04 1
quotation papers, window sketches and stationery scattered on a table
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