For Every Window There is a Shutter to Match

Abi Clewley

BY Abi Clewley

Published: 07 August 2022 Updated: 25 March 2024

From classic period properties to modern contemporary homes the range of windows in all shapes, sizes and settings is vast, and finding the right shutter can be mind-blowing. With over 30 years’ experience in crafting and installing shutters, we’ve pretty much seen it all so read on for our solutions.

Hard-working rooms

Sometimes just the basic location of your window can be the challenge. Kitchens and bathrooms can look really crisp, clean and streamlined with white shutters amidst white tiling and appliances, but the humidity and potential for splashing water isn’t the right environment for wooden shutters. Luckily, our Waterberry range of vinyl shutters have no such issues, happily shrugging off any water and basking in any humidity without warping, fading or cracking. And only you will know they’re not wood, thanks to the high quality materials and production used to craft them, as they look very similar to our white painted wooden shutters.


Glorious gable ends

If your home has a gable end setting of floor to ceiling windows, perhaps with some glass doors too, you may feel like it’s a bit of a mixed blessing; it’s a stunning feature that creates a real sense of space and allows an enormous amount of light to flow in, but on the flip side such vast swathes of glass can make the room overly hot or cold, dependant on the season. The beauty of bespoke shutters is they’re crafted especially for your space so no matter the configuration of windows and doors, or angles and shapes, our experts can create your ideal solution.

Shutters Gallery Image 8 1280

Year-round looks

Your shutters do an excellent job of managing light, providing insulation - both in terms of temperature and noise, but did you ever consider utilising them for their decorative benefits too? During summer, large expanses of glass featuring doors and windows can beautifully blur the boundary between outdoors and inside, but are less engaging in winter. These Tracked shutters still allow access to the doors behind them if required, but are turned into an interactive piece of art simply by tilting the louvres on alternate shutters top and bottom for an eye-catching look.

Ts Gilded Ts 2021 Gilded Season Shutters Waterbury Shutters Cotton 59273 1

Smaller spaces

People often imagine that shutters require a large wall space to fold them back against and discount them as an option if their space doesn’t have a large enough clearance. There’s no rule book that says you have to fold your shutters back – often simply angling the louvres lets in more than enough light. This kitchen is a perfect example, with its unusual tall and narrow windows either side of the door. You need a practical window dressing so close to the door, and with adequate light from the glass panel to the door, these Tier on Tier shutters are a great choice, creating a slimline and fuss-free look that can cope with all the comings and goings out into the garden.

Ts Waterberry Vinyl Kitchen Tier 3

Shaped shutters

While we’re talking about practicalities, what do you do when you have a window that’s anything but standard? This floor to ceiling window affords wonderful views from the comfort of the bed, but that wedged angle at the top ensures you need a bespoke solution. Because our design consultants visit you in your home they record exact measurements as part of your consultation there and then, taking the hard work out of your hands. We offer a wide range of shaped shutters, from this relatively simple angle to more complex solutions and in a range of wood, MDF or vinyl.

Bedroom that has white, yellow and grey bed linen with a closed grey shutter on a slant shaped window

Beautiful bays

What about bay windows, I hear you say. Our years of experience have led us to develop a unique system exclusively for shutters in bay windows, that’s how committed we are to finding the perfect solution for every window. Our Bay Pole system allows adjoining shutters to be positioned at any angle without any unsightly daylight gaps between the bay pole and shutter, following the lines of the bay window itself.

Ts 2022 Influencer Caroline Macleod White Shutter Living Room Landscape 4121 1

More than a window

What about windows that are part window part furniture? This window seat is a delightful feature, and a great spot to curl up in with a good book. And these café shutters offer the best of both worlds – light flows in at the top giving you the best natural daylight to read in, while the lower half is shuttered off for privacy.

Cafe Shutters Gif Image 1280

Truly for every window….

When we said we’ve created shutters for almost every size and shape of window you could imagine, we weren’t exaggerating. This charming little window presented all sorts of challenges – the deep recess, the arch, the leading. Our Burley range of wooden shutters in a café style were the ideal solution, allowing both the archway and leading to remain visible, while giving the option to close the lower section if desired for privacy.

Ts Burley Shutter Café Open

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