Editorial Standards

At Thomas Sanderson, we maintain a steadfast commitment to editorial integrity and transparency across all our website content. Our editorial standards are designed to ensure that we deliver reliable, informative, and engaging content, enabling our customers to make well-informed decisions about their homes.


1. Accuracy and fact-checking:

  • We prioritise accuracy in all our website content, with a dedicated team of authors and editors who verify information before publication.

  • Any errors that come to light are promptly corrected to uphold the credibility of our content.

  • Our inspiration articles undergo periodic reviews to keep them fresh and relevant, with clear date stamps indicating the last update.


2. Independence and objectivity:

  • We maintain editorial independence, free from external influences like third-party sponsors.

  • Decisions about content creation and publication are made internally by our website authors and editors, ensuring objectivity.


3. Transparency:

  • Transparency is key, and we openly disclose any affiliations within our content.

  • Content related to partnerships is clearly labelled to maintain transparency with our audience.


4. Originality:

  • Our team upholds professional integrity, striving to create original content while respecting intellectual property rights.

  • Our goal is for proper attribution to be given to all sourced material, to avoid plagiarism or unauthorised use of copyrighted material.


5. Editorial guidelines:

  • Our website content covers topics such as window treatments, solutions for home interiors and exteriors, and design, catering to our audience's interests.

  • We aim to provide valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to enhance our readers' living spaces, prioritising their needs and preferences.

  • We welcome diverse perspectives and strive to offer a balanced view on relevant issues in the homes and gardens industry.


6. Feedback and corrections:

  • We welcome feedback from our customers and readers as a means to continually improve our website content.

  • Our audience is encouraged to get in touch with any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding our content.

  • In the event of inaccuracies, we promptly investigate and address errors to maintain the quality and accuracy of our content.


If you have any questions about our editorial standards, please feel free to contact us.