How we're making our in-home consultations safe

This page contains the latest information on Thomas Sanderson’s in home design consultations, surveys and installation appointments. Discover the safety standards we are following, in line with government guidance, for the safety of our customers and colleagues.

We are able to offer design consultations, surveys and installation appointments throughout England, Scotland and Wales. However in some areas we are experiencing a few delays and we are contacting our customers who are affected by this to reschedule. Please don’t worry about contacting us to check on the status of your appointment. It will go ahead until you hear from us.  

How we're making our service safe for everyone:

The safety of our customers and colleagues is our main priority, and we have made significant changes to our service to protect the health and wellbeing of all.

Design consultants will only attend consultations if they and their household are free from Coronavirus symptoms, and have followed the appropriate self isolation period where necessary.

Your design consultant will call you before your consultation to confirm that you and your household are symptom free and discuss what will happen during the consultation. We can then rearrange if necessary.

Your design consultant will observe strict social distancing measures throughout your consultation.

All design consultants will be equipped with protective clothing such as gloves, masks and shoe covers. You may ask them to wear these during your consultation.

Your design consultant will disinfect and wipe down any surfaces in your home they have come into contact with before they leave.

We are not accepting cash or cheque payments at the moment. Please pay with your credit or debit card.

You can order samples online before your consultation, or your design consultant can order samples for you during your consultation if you see something you like.

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About our service

How many people from Thomas Sanderson will need to visit my home?

In order to ensure you get the very best service and high quality finish, two different colleagues will need to visit you across three consultations. Your design consultant will attend your initial consultation, and an installer will follow up with a survey and an installation consultation. Only one person at a time will ever attend a consultation, and they will wear protective clothing and observe social distancing at all times.

About design consultations

Can I book a consultation in England, Scotland and Wales?

Yes, we are able to offer design consultations in England, Scotland and Wales.

I would like to delay my consultation until I feel safer?

Please call us on 0800 688 80 82 if you would like to postpone your consultation, survey or installation appointment.

I had to cancel my consultation because of Coronavirus. When can I re-book?

If you had to cancel an existing consultation as a result of Coronavirus, you do not need to do anything. Your design consultant will contact you shortly to re-schedule a consultation after your quarantine period has finished and when you are feeling fit and well.

What if I or someone in my house feels unwell?

The safety of everyone is our number one priority, so if you, or a member of your family feels at all unwell with Coronavirus-like symptoms, you must contact us to re-arrange your consultation. Call us on 0800 688 80 82 and we’ll be happy to help.

On the morning of your consultation your design consultant will contact you to double check that it is safe to carry out the consultation. If your consultant is unable to contact you, or if you report feeling unwell on the day, we may need to re-schedule.

How do in-home consultations work now?

The consultation itself has not changed, but we have introduced new measures for your safety and protection. Your design consultant will have essential protective clothing and will observe social distancing protocols within your home. Watch the video at the top of the page to find out more.

How do I know that my design consultant is not infected with Coronavirus?

We are monitoring the health of our design consultants and their families on a daily basis. Only consultants in households that have not experienced any Coronavirus symptoms for 14 days will be able to carry out in-home consultations. For the safety of everyone, your design consultant will contact you on the morning of your consultation to confirm that they are fit to attend and to check that you and your family are also well enough to continue with the consultation.

What protective clothing will the consultant be wearing?

All of our design consultants and installers will be equipped with gloves, masks and shoe covers, which will be replaced before each consultation.

If you are in England, you can ask your design consultant to wear these at your consultations. In Scotland and Wales, face coverings remain a legal requirement and design consultants will continue to wear them.

All design consultants will also have hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes to clean any surfaces.

How will you ensure social distancing and keep my family protected during my design consultation?

Your design consultant will be carrying essential protective clothing, which you can ask them to wear throughout your consultation. They will also ensure a distance of at least 2m is kept between you at all times.

Please help us keep you safe by joining your consultant in observing social distancing measures in the home, and protecting family members and pets by moving into a different room for the consultation.

Does it matter if I haven’t ordered/received my samples ahead of my consultation? Will I be able to browse sample books during my consultation?

Your design consultant will still bring product samples to your consultation so you can see the full range. If you want to handle any samples yourself, we would strongly recommend wearing gloves and taking the appropriate hygiene measures. As an extra precaution, all samples will be disinfected after every consultation.

Do I need to stay in the room while the design consultant measures my windows?

Your design consultant will adhere to strict social distancing protocols at all times, including when measuring your windows. However, if you would prefer to move to another room while this happens, you are encouraged to do so. Your consultant will wipe down all window surfaces once they are finished.

Can I place an order at the design consultation?

Your consultant will give you a price during the consultation, and will take a deposit by debit or credit card if you choose to order. Following this, one of our installers will need to visit your home to take precise measurements and check any technical requirements. Your installer will adhere to the same safety guidelines during this consultation, and if you feel more comfortable staying in another room, we can take these measurements alone. Once we have your technical specifications, your bespoke window furnishings will be made and fitted.

I don’t want to pay by card, is there another way to pay?

Your consultant will disinfect their chip and pin machine between each use. However, if you’d prefer we can use a telephone payment service which requires the use of your own phone.

If I place an order how soon will it be fitted?
Once we have received your technical survey, we’ll start handcrafting your bespoke window furnishings. We are working with reduced teams at the moment in accordance with government social distancing recommendations, so it may take us a little longer than usual to prepare your order. We’re especially grateful for your loyal custom and patience at this time as we adjust to these new safety measures.

About surveys and installations

Will my installation still go ahead?

The government guidelines allow for work to be carried out in people’s homes in England, Scotland and Wales, so we will continue to fulfil installation appointments for these customers.

What can I expect from the survey appointment?

Our products are bespoke and handcrafted to your exact specification. After your consultation you’ll need a survey appointment to take accurate measurements and check any technical configurations. During the survey, your installer will wear essential protective clothing and observe social distancing rules. Your installer will have a full brief from your design consultant, so if you feel more comfortable moving to a different room, your installer will be able to take these measurements alone. Your installer will wipe down all window surfaces before leaving your home.

Do I need to stay in the room whilst the installer fits my blinds, curtains or shutters?

Your installer will wear essential protective clothing and observe social distancing rules throughout your installation appointment. However, they will have a full brief from your design consultant, so if you feel more comfortable moving to a different room, they can work alone. Your installer will wipe down all window surfaces before leaving your home.

I am self-isolating. Will you still fit my order?

The health and wellbeing of our consultants and customers is our number one priority and we will only visit you at home if it is safe to do so. If you, or anyone in your family is currently experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus, please contact us to rearrange your appointment. Your fitting appointment will be postponed until the threat of infection is over.

About existing orders

Where is my order now? When will it be ready to be fitted?

Your order is in our production facilities. As you can imagine, we are experiencing high volumes of work right now, so please continue to be patient with us as we finish your product to our usual high standard. As soon as your order is ready, our customer service team will be in touch to arrange an installation date in line with government guidelines.

Can I cancel my order and have a refund because of the delays?

All our products are bespoke and made to your exact requirements. That means we can’t sell them to another customer. This is why we do not offer refunds on our products. Please be assured that we will get your products to you as soon as it is safe to do so.

For more information around cancelling orders, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Brochures and samples

How do I order a brochure?

Please fill out this form, and we’ll send you out a copy of our latest brochure. We’ll also be in touch to offer you an in-home consultation once you’ve received your brochure.

Can I order samples?

We encourage you to browse our range and order samples prior to your design consultation. It will help us streamline our service at this difficult time if you can tell us which products you’re interested in before your consultation.

About contacting us

I need to contact someone at Thomas Sanderson about my order or my design consultation. What should I do?

If you have questions, you can email our team at [email protected].


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