Blinds for UPVC doors

08 August 2017

Datch Datchens

Datch Datchens

These days, many modern homes are fitted with UPVC doors, and it’s no wonder why. UPVC doors are crafted from an incredibly durable plastic that’s less expensive to install, longer-lasting and easier to maintain than wood. They are also generally more secure, as they feature multi-point mechanisms that lock in three places, which are especially ideal for garden doors that don’t open into a private space.

From bi-fold to French, doors come in all shapes and styles – so how do you go about buying the right blinds for UPVC doors? Here are some things to think about while you’re shopping for your UPVC door blinds.

UPVC doors often don’t have the same classic appeal of a solid mahogany door, even when treated to emulate a wood pattern. Rather than lament the plain aesthetic, create a statement with your blinds. Think of your blinds as an extension of your room’s interior theme and use the space as a focal point in the room, as we’ve done with our Pleated blinds (which come in an incredible variety of colours). 


There is a common misconception that you shouldn’t screw or drill into UPVC, but this just isn’t the case, and shouldn’t hinder your decisions when shopping for your UPVC door blinds. However, that being said, if you live in rented accommodation or a listed property, then your options with drilling are somewhat limited. Play it safe and opt for a blind that’s tension fitted, meaning it stays in place without needing screws. Our aluminium venetian blinds are a good choice, as they’re easy to put up, don’t require any drilling and fit close to the glass. They also come in over 90 different colours, including various finishes and rail options – so you can turn your doors into something a bit more eye-catching. 

UPVC doors are usually very energy-efficient, to begin with; double glazing (or even triple glazing) can help with heat loss, as well as noise reduction. Adding a smart product like our Duette® blind can help make your home even more eco-friendly: the unique honeycomb structure has a dual functionality depending on the season. In summer, it helps to keep heat out; in winter, it traps warm air in so you don’t end up overpaying on your gas bill. If you live near a busy, high-traffic area, this is also a good option, as Duette® blinds can help reduce noise for a more peaceful home.

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