Window Shutters – An energy-saving choice

Abi Clewley

BY Abi Clewley

Published: 31 May 2022 Updated: 05 July 2022

Saving energy

With rising fuel prices and increased living costs many people are reviewing energy efficiency in their home ahead of the cold weather. Read on to learn how shutters can help.

Are shutters an energy-saving choice?

Shutters are a superbly effective way of adding insulation to your windows, and the solid design of shutters provides a more effective solution than blinds or curtains. When fully closed, they will trap the warm air in the room where you need it most and also stop cold draughts from entering your room and cooling it down.

Reducing heat loss

According to studies by English Heritage well-fitting shutters can reduce heat loss by up to 64%, and that’s an awful lot of wasted warmth, not to mention money, that’s potentially just draining out through your windows the whole winter long. The percentage loss will differ dependant on what type of shutter you choose, but savings can be made whatever style suits you and your room.

Solid shutters

Maximum heat retention can be achieved with solid shutters, with the biggest insulation impact of all shutter styles, due to the solid design that incorporates no louvres. Because our bespoke shutters are crafted for a precision fit at your individual windows, there will be no gaps around the edges for draughts to get in, nor heat to get out, one of the numerous benefits of bespoke buying.

What if you already have louvre shutters?

If you have shutters, you’ll already be seeing a reduction in heat loss of around 50%, but if you want to increase that efficiency, then take a look layering.

Layering is the ideal way to create a bespoke window finish, but there’s far more to the benefits it brings than just a beautiful look – though it certainly ticks that box too. Layering brings heightened levels of insulation, both in terms of heat and also in noise. Layering offers flexibility for all times of day and seasons and affords you maximum control of the light at your window, through a combination of shutters, blinds and curtains.

Layering with curtains – plantation shutters

Whether you have Solid, Full Height or Tier on Tier shutters, you’ll find that adding curtains that you can pull across on a cold winters’ night will help raise the level of heat loss, even with these types of shutters. And of course, because we hand-craft your shutters that means we can find a solution to any challenge, such as bay or shaped windows. Up the visual warmth by using heavyweight fabrics, such as velvet or faux velvet, such as these Brilliance Peacock curtains over Positano shutters from our Harlequin range.

Layering with curtains – alternative styles

Café shutters offer an ideal balance between light and privacy, but are the least effective shutter or keeping heat inside the room. Pair them with curtains though and  not only will you gain the benefits of heat retention, but by adding a decorative product you’ll be softening the edges of the frame for a less severe look, plus giving total privacy as the daylight begins to fade.

Layering with blinds

Layering isn't confined to curtains; pairing blinds with shutters is a more viable option than you might think, and shutter and Duette® blind combination is our ultimate pairing. Duette® blinds trap air for extra warmth and when combined with the precision crafting of our shutters it’s incredibly effective at retaining the heat inside and keeping the cold outside.

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