What are the different types of Shutter?

28 July 2021

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

When it comes to window dressings, most people think of blinds and curtains, without considering shutters. Window shutters are a versatile option, providing warmth and security and a visual luxury to your home. There's a huge variety of window shutter styles, but understanding the difference between the types and the different benefits they offer can be confusing, so let us give you a quick overview.

What are shutters?

Shutters are basically a frame filled either with louvres or with a solid panel. Often hinged together to cover larger windows, they can be folded back away from the window, or the louvres can be opened or closed. Our shutters are available in wood, MDF and vinyl options, dependent on the style, and in a range of colours.

The different types of shutters

Full Height

Full height shutters run in one single unit from top to bottom – the full height of the window. Classic and elegant, positionable louvres allow light to filter through while maintaining privacy. Full height shutters can work in most rooms, but really create an impact with tall windows, such as this living room, or where there is a large expanse of glass that would suit a row of shutters, such as an extended living space.

Tier on Tier

Tier-on-tier shutters come in upper and lower sections, which can be opened independently of each other, giving you the maximum control of light and privacy. Tier-on-tier shutters can be used throughout your home, wherever you have to balance privacy with a need for light, such as a bathroom or bedroom, but they’re also ideal for a study, where the lower half can prevent prying eyes from seeing computer tech on display while the upper half can be open to allow enough light to flow in while you work.


Café style shutters are fitted to the lower part of the window to maintain privacy while letting light in through the clear top part of the window. This type of shutter is ideal for front-facing windows that are overlooked, to prevent passers-by from looking in while still letting in light, or for rooms where you need the illusion of privacy even if they’re not overlooked, such as bedrooms or bathrooms on upper floors. They also add character and charm and are a great way of creating individuality to your home.


The more traditional option, solid shutters are a single solid panel. Available as full height, tier on tier or combination, you’re free to create the exact look you want in your home. Solid shutters are an ideal choice for a bedroom, particularly full height, being by their very nature adept at blocking out the lights. For the ultimate blackout bedroom solution, pair our solid shutters with a secondary blackout product, such as our Dim Out Duette blinds.


French, patio or bi-folding doors require tracked shutters to fit securely without hindering their opening mechanisms. Our range of simple and stylish tracked and sliding shutters do just that, ensuring an effortlessly smooth transition every time. From conservatories to extended living areas to dining rooms with patios for easy al fresco dining, a tracked shutter is the ideal option to allow you to move seamlessly between inside and out.

Bay window

Bay windows are a beautiful feature in living rooms and bedrooms, but they can be difficult to dress. Choose bay window shutters for an elegant and timeless look. Our exclusive BayPole shutter design fits the shapes of your windows perfectly. Ideal for any room that features a bay window, these can be made in a variety of different styles to suit your needs.

Shaped windows

Not all windows are made equal, and nor are window shutters. If your home has uniquely shaped windows, make a statement with shaped shutters. Specially designed louvres and unique mouldings can be tailored to fit arch windows, porthole windows and many more. Our bespoke shutters are ideal for impressive architectural structures such as this gable end in an extended living area, thanks to the expert craftsmanship to ensure precision fitting across the shaped, full height and tracked shutters.


Strong, waterproof and long-lasting, vinyl shutters are the most practical option for some rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens which have high humidity or moisture. Our vinyl shutters are high-quality enough to be used in every room of the house, as they have the same appearance as wooden shutters, and only you will be able to tell the difference.

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