Ideas and Inspiration for Living Room Blinds

02 June 2019

Sophie McCreadie

Sophie McCreadie

Whether your living room is a social space to host people or a relaxing sanctuary for you to unwind, choosing the right window furnishings can help you make the most of this important room. If you are not sure what blind is the right choice, here are some ideas to help you find your perfect match.

Keep your privacy without blocking light

Much like curtains, some blinds only have the option of blocking out natural light or being left open. So for better privacy control, choosing a Venetian blind or semi-transparent fabric will help obscure any views from outside while still allowing light to enter your room. Sheer fabrics like the Silhouette® blind pictured here take this a step further, allowing sunlight to filter through the soft fabric layers while preventing prying eyes from looking in.

Choose fabrics that protect your furniture too

Having natural sunlight pour through your windows is always a bonus for your living room. And by choosing a blind with UV protection built into the fabric, you can also help ensure that your sofa fabric or wooden coffee table does not fade over time. Semi-transparent and sheer fabrics like the Pirouette® blind in this living room are a great choice for this reason, gently diffusing natural light in throughout the day with the benefit of sun damage protection.

Every window shape has a solution

Traditionally blinds hang down in front of window space. But for more complex shapes this gable end, custom-made blinds can be designed to fit the exact size and shape of each window pane. The Duette® blinds shown here use a unique tension fitting to attach every blind against the glass itself without damaging or hiding the frame. Meaning that whether they are neatly folded together or elegantly drawn across the window, your unique window space will always look just as stylish as it was originally designed.

A charming alternative to curtains

If you like curtains but are looking to save space, Roman blinds offer the same homely feel with the added perk of neatly folding up into soft pleats whenever the sun is shining. From charming patterns to bold plain fabrics, Roman blinds can be that perfect complement to your existing furnishings. And can also be finished with a thermal or blackout lining if you need any added protection for your living space.

Control multiple blinds with just a touch

If you are considered blinds across your living space and maybe even in hard-to-reach places, it is worth considering how a powered solution like our innovative PowerView® system can make controlling light an effortless experience.

Using the smart app, Pebble remote® or even asking a personal assistant like Amazon Alexa, your blinds can instantly be opened or closed at any hour of the day – even when you are away from home. Or for a touch of true luxury, the position of each blind can be scheduled to change throughout the day, so you never have to worry about closing the blinds again.

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