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Sophie McCreadie

BY Sophie McCreadie

Published: 07 December 2021 Updated: 06 April 2022

Wintery welcome

Wintery welcome

Of all the season changes, winter seems to be the most sudden, and often the most severe – the reduced hours of daylight, harsh frosts and howling winds. Banish the winter blues before they cross the threshold and take another look at winter solutions.

Where to start with winter styling

Whether you’ve been outdoors in the cold, wet or windy weather, and want a warm welcoming setting to return to or simply want to stay inside in the warmth and look out at the wintery scene around you, there’s a wealth of ways to create a look that will combat the winter chill.
So what are the best solutions for creating a warm and welcoming setting to keep your spirits lifted throughout this time of year? Colours, textures and statement styling will help create your winter look.


Winter colours seem to fall into two different groups – festive and non-festive!
The natural world in winter is predominantly white, with frost, snow and even the daylight sun seems devoid of colour. Trees are bare, brown and grey twigs the only noticeable colour. It can be hard to find warm shades with white and grey that still have some light, vital in the reduced daylight, but conversely they have the benefit of being neutral, so use white or a pale grey as a base and add splashes of deeper colour with accessories, such as cushions and throws, or bring in objects that will reflect any light back into the room – metallic vases or bowls are ideal for this. Alternatively at the other end of the scale you can bring warmth with colour – think jewelled shades – ruby, emerald, sapphire for a lush effect, or plum, cinnamon or conifer green for a more natural look.



If there’s one thing winter works well with, it’s texture. It’s the perfect time to go plush, so think velvets (real or faux), silks or satins, fabrics that all bring a real sense of luxury. And you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to curtains, as our Duette® blinds feature silk effect fabrics, while also offering our greatest thermal efficiency. With accessories such as throws you can enjoy a range of additional textures, jacquard, embroidery, linen and the depth these bring to the room creates visual warmth.


Shutters work well throughout the year and winter is no exception. With a wide variety of different styles to choose from there’s the ideal shutter for every window, and for every look. Shutters are the ultimate way to block out the wintery weather and create a warm and comforting feel inside. Our bespoke shutters are carefully crafted to ensure they’re an exact fit so there’s no practical need to layer them with additional product, but you can certainly do so if you choose, and the style of shutter can help you decide which combination is best. Keep the winter look with variations on a white theme, go for a natural wood look with a stain or bring colour into the mix with our Harlequin colour shutter collection which includes a soft greens and warm greys.

Seaglass Tier on Tier Shutters fitted to multiple windows in a living room


Blinds may not seem the most obvious choice for winter but don’t be fooled by their simple appearance. Both Duette® and Pleated blinds offer thermal efficiencies that elevate them as an ideal choice for winter, helping to retain heat inside the room and they’re available in a range of colours and textures too. Traditional Roman blinds naturally create visual warmth and this is amplified if you layer them with curtains or shutters.


Curtains are a great choice when it comes to thinking about solutions for any winter window. For every size and shape of window there’s a pattern, colour or texture that can create your winter wonderland. As with textures, with winter it’s all about the heavyweight fabrics, faux velvet, linen and jacquard. If you’re keeping more to neutral colours then bring a little texture and colour in one move with embroidery or other embellishments. And of course in winter, a thermal lining brings multiple benefits. Helping to retain heat within the room may be the primary goal, but they bring the added advantage of creating a fuller curtain, which gives a warmer look at your window too.



For those who celebrate Christmas there’s the additional festive styling that can influence your choice of winter window dressing. The traditional green and red certainly lifts the spirits but if you prefer a more subtle look then keep the colours limited with just a wreath or garland and use light-refracting silver or gold for a festive touch, which has the added benefit of being neutral enough in colour to work in any setting and with any window dressing.

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