What Are Pencil Pleat Curtains?

10 May 2019

Sophie McCreadie

Sophie McCreadie

With their tightly gathered folds across its heading, pencil pleat curtains are a classic choice for their welcoming, more casual look and feel. Adjustable cords across the heading gently pull pleats of fabric tightly together, allowing the material below to effortlessly hang down in beautiful folds when hung.

Works in bays and shaped windows

Evenly spaced hooks across the curtain heading ensure that the pleats always remain tightly gathered whether tied back or drawn across the window. These can then be hung on a pole for a more traditional look, or on tracks which can be shaped to work around a bay window and other spaces, making them ideal for any room in the home.

Deeper pleats offer a more natural look

If you are looking for an added twist on this look, deep pencil pleat headings offer a more luxurious feel for your curtains – with six-inch-long pleats for a much bolder and more eye-catching heading. This subtle change still allows the material to gather elegantly and also gives it the freedom to hang in a more natural way, providing the perfect canvas to show off any statement or striking prints that may have caught your eye.

A traditional feel for any room

Working equally as well with charming patterns or bold plain fabrics, pencil pleat curtains blend perfectly with more traditional interior styles and are well suited for cosy cottages or older period properties. The comforting feel of the pleated heading is well suited for relaxing spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

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