What Are Bespoke Window Shutters?

01 May 2019

Datch Datchens

Datch Datchens

The luxury feel of shutters makes them a popular window furnishing choice for any style of home. Offering enhanced control over light and privacy, shutters are a valuable addition to any room that will last for many years to come. And unlike off-the-shelf products, our bespoke shutters can be custom made to perfectly fit and beautifully complement any window space.

Plantation style shutters

The most common style of shutter has built-in louvres that allow you to control the amount of light coming through a window. The adjustable louvres give you the option to either filter light gently or block it out completely. Sets of louvres will always open and close in unison, either using a tilt rod along the side of each panel or through a hidden mechanism like the bedroom shown here to give your shutters a beautiful, sleek finish.

Traditional solid shutters

Solid shutters work well with traditional styling, and when closed they block out light and chilly draughts. Make the best of both plantation and solid shutters with Tier-on-Tier designs like the dining space pictured here. Offering the reassuring privacy of solid shutters without compromising on the natural light coming into your home, they’re a great choice for bedrooms or windows that face out onto roads.

A style for every window type

Depending on the room or style of window, custom-made shutters can be tailored to suit your needs and ultimately complement any other furnishings. More humid spaces, for example, can be transformed with moisture-resistant designs like the Waterberry arched shutter shown in this contemporary bathroom. Crafted from vinyl with a satin wood-like finish to provide a touch of luxury to such an important space.

Made to any shape or size

The beauty of bespoke shutters really shines when it comes to unique window spaces. From elegant arches to hexagon and rounded frames, shutters can be handcrafted to not only ensure a precise fit that makes the most of these unusual architectural features. The shutter in this gable end is part of our Burley range, which uses specially designed louvres and unique mouldings to give a uniform look across every shutter panel, mirroring the exact shape of the window space.

A colour finish to match your home

Our range of colour options gives you even more ways to customise your new look, from painted matte colours to natural wood stain finishes. Our wooden shutters can also be colour matched to any shade, including Farrow & Ball swatches, for a truly bespoke finish.

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