Thermal Solutions for your Home

Sophie McCreadie

BY Sophie McCreadie

Published: 26 November 2021 Updated: 11 April 2022

With the arrival of darker nights and colder evenings your thoughts may turn to creating a warmer look and feel at your windows. Luckily, we have just the guide you need to help you choose the best thermal solution for your home.

Thermal benefits

Thermal benefits

Why are thermal window dressings something you should think about? Well firstly, any thermal product will add an extra barrier of insulation between the window and your room. This means that the amount of heat within your room that is lost through your window will be reduced, so your room will stay warmer for longer. It also means that the amount of cold air coming in from outside will also be reduced, so the temperature within the room will be more regulated. With around 30% of all heat being lost at windows, plus the continual steep rising costs of energy it makes both environmental and economic sense to do what you can to counteract this.

What thermal products are there?

There’s a thermal solution for an enormous range of products, for every style of window and for every setting, be it curtains, blinds or shutters, so let’s take a deeper dive into the individual products and their benefits.


When you think of thermal window furnishings, thermal curtains are probably the first thing that comes to mind. In addition to the standard benefits that a lining give -  helping them hang and drape better, making them appear fuller, helping to prevent fading, reducing light and providing extra privacy – a thermal lining can reduce heat loss by up to 30% above a standard polyester cotton lining. Thermal linings have an additional acrylic coating which is the active factor that prevents that flow of air in or out, not only keeping the heat in during winter, but also preventing the room from overheating in summer. Our thermal lining can be added to any of our curtain fabrics and if you want maximum heat retention, then choose a thicker fabric, such as Marlow, Hemingford or Brilliance, creating both a practical and a visual warmth.

Roman blinds

Just as with curtains, thermal linings are an option for Roman blinds, giving that additional insulation without any negative impedance to the functioning of the blind.
Additionally you can opt for an interlining on some Roman blinds, a polyester / cotton lining with an extra layer of wadding on the reverse. This gives Roman blinds an extra thick, padded appearance as well as additional thermal properties. The only consideration with an interlining comes around tall windows, as the interlining increases the thickness of the blind, so a long drop of fabric can create a large stack of material when the blind is fully raised.

Duette® blinds

A specialist blind that’s both innovative and energy efficient, Duette® blinds feature a honeycomb shaped cellular structure that prevents heat loss by trapping the warm air in the room. They can help cut heat loss by up to 49% during the winter and also help reduce your energy bills by up to 25%, a timely factor, given the recent rising costs. Duette® blinds can be electronically powered by remote, or as a smart product controlled by an app or voice system and come in a range of fabrics including sheer and DimOut and a host of colours.


Shutters are an excellent window insulator and the wide variety of different styles gives you a wealth of choice. With Solid shutters you’ll create a real visual barrier, while Full Height create a similar look while still allowing you to control light flow through the louvres, while Tier on Tier gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to keep the bottom section closed to create a snug feel and the top section  used to control the light.

But it’s not just about the practical difference that shutters can make; both the visual appearance of the shutter closed against the window pane, plus the actual act of closing the shutter itself adds to the sense of enclosing the room, and keeping that heat inside.

White wooden shutters fitted to a wide window in a living room with a sofa, chair and coffee table

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