Solutions for Bay Windows

Sophie McCreadie

BY Sophie McCreadie

Published: 08 July 2022 Updated: 09 August 2022

A bay window can be a charming focal point in a room, but they can be tricky when it comes to finding the right solution for them. We take a look at a range of different options as well.


Shutters are possibly not what springs to mind first when you consider flexible options for bay window shapes, but dependant on the configuration of the windows it can be a really effective look. These wooden shutters in Polar White create an extremely streamlined look that hugs the curve of this bay window seamlessly and really draws your eye to the window. With shutters you have the option to simply tilt the louvres to allow light in, rather than having to fold the shutters back to gain light, which works well in this setting as there is limited wall space to fold the shutters back.


Bay windows are often a beautiful feature in old houses and can even have some kind of decorative glass as part of the pane. The downside is they may be less energy efficient than standard double or triple glazing windows, so you'll need a solution that can combat this challenge. Duette® blinds are an ideal choice, with their unique honeycomb-shaped cell that holds onto heat and prevents it escaping at the window. They can also be controlled by remote, which is ideal if you're nicely settled in a comfy banquette such as this one. Duette blinds come in a range of colours and textures, including Silk Muted Iris shown here.


If you’re blessed with a window setting as expansive as this parabola, then your challenge to control the light, maintain privacy and still be able to enjoy your view is even greater than with a standard bay window. So choose a blind that gives you far more than a standard offering with a Silhouette® blind. The innovative design sees two sheer panels, and in between are fabric vanes which can be tilted, in just the same way as a venetian blind or shutter louvre. They softly diffuse the light, dispersing it through the room, while giving you precision control. And it’s not only their performance that’s elevated – their operation is too. You can choose standard manual operation, but upgrading to powered not only allows you to control your blinds by remote, by app or by home voice system such as Alexa, you can also set schedules, control blinds individually or in groups and create scenes for the perfect setting.

white pirouette blinds fitted to tall windows on curved windows in a room decorated in white with an L shaped sofa and coffee table


Sometimes the solution is obvious and extremely simple, yet often overlooked, and that’s the case with Roman blinds. While Roman blinds are a more “all or nothing” approach to balancing light and privacy, the offer benefits other blinds don’t – mainly in the range of fabrics available to suit every kind of colour scheme or theme, and they can help highlight certain features of a bay window to a greater extent. In this dining area, you can see how the wide jamb between the panes is actually emphasised by the stark darker lines of the Sennen Ocean blind and the blue-grey fabric co-ordinates with the furniture, artwork and accessories, really helping to pull the room together.

Sennen Ocean Roman Blind fitted to three windows in a dining room with chairs and a dining table


If your bay window requires something of a more classic look, then turn to wooden blinds. Simple to operate, offering precision control that balances light and privacy they’re a choice that’s both stylish and practical. Our wooden blinds are available in a range of stains and paints, such as this Warm Beech, which tones well with the furniture and also the radiator, another factor that has to be taken into consideration in such a setting.

Voile curtains and blinds

There’s something very graceful about the soft flowing lines of voile, and while blinds may seem the more obvious choice for bay windows, take a look at this styling of voile curtains. With an unusual floor to ceiling setting, the curtains really draw attention to this highlight feature for effortless elegance and a real sense of serenity. Voiles are a world away from old-fashioned net curtains and now the fabrics come in a variety of colours and textures, such as these Eton Stone curtains in a linen-look with a ladder stripe texture.

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