Setting the scene for powerful performances and cosy nights in.

14 August 2019

Sophie McCreadie

Sophie McCreadie

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There's nothing better than spending our evenings at home curled up on the sofa with a good box set. Making the most of your favourite space to unwind need not be difficult. Simple considerations on light, smart blinds and fabrics can make a big difference.

Relax, unwind and let the blinds do the rest.

There is nothing worse than getting comfortable and realising you forgot to close the blinds. Glare from the sun can make it really difficult to focus on the screen.

Powered smart blinds can be effortlessly controlled by your phone or a simple voice command meaning you can filter the light from the convenience of your sofa before pressing play.

Now where’s the TV remote?

Add cushions and throws

We all look forward to curling up on the sofa after a long day where we can catch a good TV show with a cup of tea.

Now that you’ve mastered the right light, there is more you can do to enjoy your evening. Relax with a range of soft colourful cushions on the settee to get really comfortable.

As the weather starts to get a little bit cooler in the evenings, a warm throw can be a welcome addition to any room. Why not consider matching your cushions to the curtain fabrics in your home to really finish the look?

See our curtain accessories here.

Layer up and create a room with the ideal darkness

Darker rooms can set the mood for good dramas or exciting thrillers. It allows us to really focus on the story with less distraction.

Layering your window furnishings can help you tailor the light to your liking.

Duette® Blinds under shutters can give you the ideal darkness and help absorb the outside noise meaning no distractions.

Curtains for extra cosiness

Drawing the curtains at night can really help you feel like the day is done. Rich, warm fabrics create a luxury look that feels relaxing and inviting.

Choosing the right curtain colour is fundamental to helping a space to feel like your own personal sanctuary.

A place you can go to really unwind. Curtains are also great for blocking the light completely when lined with blackout lining.

Grab a good cup of tea and relax

Sadly we don’t have a recommendation on how to make the perfect cup but we all agree it’s an end of day essential

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