Seasonal Styling - Summer

Sophie McCreadie

BY Sophie McCreadie

Published: 13 July 2022

Everything seems so much more positive when summer arrives - the sun brightens our days, people's spirits lift and you spend more time outdoors just enjoying life. Light flows into our home and we throw open windows and bathe in its uplifting rays. So here are our suggestions for making the most of the season and how to style for summer.

The psychology of colour

Humans are predisposed to having specific reactions to certain colours - for example red urges caution and awareness for potential danger in everything around us, from traffic signs to warning labels. But we also have learned responses to things, and that can include colour and is often tied to memory. So sometimes it's worth throwing out the rule book and just going with what feels right for you. So if sunshine yellow just seems too gaudy for you then keep it in the garden and choose colours that resonate with you instead.

Summer time colours

There's a colour for everyone in summer, gardens are a riot of colour and if you're a lover of fresh flowers then you're spoilt for choice when it comes to utilising them to pull a colour scheme together. Sunshine yellow is popular; think a deeper hue than springtime daffodil but not as dark as autumn mustard, more like sunflower. Rich greens and vibrant raspberry are also popular, but don't think it's just about bold colours. Think gauzy but warm - pinks, purples, blues, or colours that help bring warmth to cooler colours, like these Harlequin shutters in Brazilian Rosewood that are fresh without being too deep, adding a little heat to the grey sofa. Whichever road you take, there's a summer shade for every colour.

In a living room that is decorated in white are French Ochre Harlequin Shutters which are fitted to bay shaped windows in a room with an armchair, curved grey sofa and a glass coffee table

Block colours

Pretty much anything goes when it comes to colour in summer, from bright and bold to summer pastels so the world's your oyster really. You might take inspiration from the outdoors, especially where you have a garden view and use colours you can see outside - this merges the boundary between inside and out, creating a real sense of space and airiness that works so well in summer.

Florals and geometrics

Floral patterns can definitely bloom big and bold in summer and you can also be brace with large geometric patterns you would normally think might be too overpowering for a room, especially when it comes to curtains or Roman blinds - the longer and lighter days means you cover the windows far later in summer so the impact is lessened. Again, don't confine yourself to what you may think of as traditional colours - these striking curtains in Scandi Forest Indigo have a real freshness to them that can help cool this room down in the height of summer.

Quintessential Summer looks

Nothing says "carefree summer" like a voile curtain, and they've come a long, long way over the years and now are full of tactile texture and colour. Flowing softly to the floor and gently billowing in the breeze they really invoke a relaxed atmosphere and those longer summer nights allow you to make the most of them.

A nice problem to have

Summer sees the greatest intensity of light and sunshine flowing into your home and while it's mostly a joy to have there are time it's more f an inconvenience, such as when it reflects on your television, or the glare makes it hard to read, disrupts a meal or even just causes you concern with its UV rays. Thankfully our Silhouette® blinds are adept at combatting all of these issues, thanks to their innovative design, which sees sheer panels diffuse the light throughout the room and provide up to 99% UV protection. With over 60 colours to choose form you're sure to find a summery colour to suit you, and the whole sheer look really encapsulates summertime.

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