Master the light with electric Duette® blinds

Lisa Cooper

BY Lisa Cooper

Published: 08 July 2022 Updated: 25 March 2024

Duette® blinds are an innovative and high-performance blind that will help you to master the light in your home. Read on to find out more.

Why choose Duette® blinds?

The secret to the improvement of energy efficiency in a room with Duette® blinds lies in the actual physical structure of the blind, rather than in some clever modern fabric – although more of that later. Taking its inspiration from Mother Nature, Duette® blinds feature a tall stack of honeycomb-shaped cells, one on top of another. This cellular structure traps air and prevents it from escaping at your window, so in winter you don’t lose heat from the room, while in summer it can act as an insulator and help to keep the heat out. If you're familiar with pleated blinds then think of Duette® blinds as two pleated blinds combined into one and you'll be on the right lines.

Ts Duette Detail Grey

What's the benefit of a Duette blind?

Let’s take a closer look at the facts and figures surrounding Duette® blinds.

99% - the amount of harmful UV rays removed (1)

55% - the maximum heat loss reduction (2)

12%  - the maximum saving on energy required for heating (3)


(dependant on type of glazing, fabric used and set circumstances)

TS Duette Dim Out Bone

What does this mean?

That’s an impressive range of performance statistics for any product, so it’s easy to see why these honeycomb blinds are one of our most popular choices. So how does a blind manage to achieve so much? As mentioned before, the shape is paramount, but it’s also down to the fabric too. Crafted from the highest grade of polymer available, the fabric is made from UV stabilised polymer and are electrostatically impregnated, so they’re dust repellent, resistant to humidity and have a high colourfast scale point, with excellent reflective qualities in addition to their thermal properties. So combining the high performance fabric with the energy efficient shape results in a blind that truly delivers on every angle. And any blind that can help make your home's temperature more consistent and lower your energy bills, all while looking beautiful at your window has got to be worth a consideration.


Let's talk looks

With over 90 fabrics to choose from currently, there’s a wealth of choice, in both colour and fabric effect. Batiste offers a touch of linen effect weave, and also comes in a sheer version, for a barely there look. If you want a more luxurious look, then Silk will be the ideal choice, with its effective silk-effect texture that’s very tactile. For elevated texture you can choose Silk Crosshatch, or the contemporary Silk Plate. For a modern take, Stones features a cuboid pattern, while the Linear, Montana and Naturelle ranges offer different takes on linear texture. Silk Carbon, seen here, is one of our most popular choices.

Ts 2021 Duette Blinds Roomset Silk Charcoal 1168X782

All about the details

As experts in window furnishings, we know that sometimes you need a little bit more from your blinds, so our Duette® range offers additional fabrics to meet your needs. Want different colours inside, but a uniform appearance from outside? Duotone blinds can accomplish this, with a reverse in white across all colourways. Need a blind for bedroom that helps with early morning light? Dim Out Duette® blinds feature a layer of Mylar foil that minimises light flow.

Ts Duette Thermal Power Cons Deepbalsam 9

Light control at your fingertips

We’ve all had that annoying experience of just getting settled and comfortable in your favourite spot, or even sitting down for a meal, only to have the sun move and come streaming through the window, or the clouds to roll in and block any light at all! Choose electric Duette® blinds, and it's a quick fix with a tap of a button on the remote control to raise or lower your Duette blinds just how you want them, for total light control in your home.

Ts 2021 Duette Batiste Fossil Dining Room Landscape

Motorised blinds control

A remote control is a handy option but as the adage says, work smarter not harder and things can become a little easier. Our electric duette blinds can be paired with a smart hub, which then allows you to operate the blinds via an app on your mobile phone or tablet, or via compatible Amazon or Google devices with voice control.

Ts 23 Smart Devices Flatlay 002 1

Where can I use smart electric blinds?

There's no room in your home that won't reap the benefits in some way from the ease of use, practicalities, style and sheer beauty that electric duette blinds can bring, but there's a few things to bear in mind when it comes to location.

Across your home

Electricity and water are not ideal combinations, so if you do opt for electric blinds in a kitchen, they need to have clearance of at least 50cm above any source of steam, such as a sink or any steam-generating appliance. As the motors would be affected by the steam they're not the ideal choice for a bathroom, unless there's superior extraction to prevent any steam or moisture in the room. In a conservatory, consideration needs to be given to the placement of the battery, to ensure it isn't affected by strong sunlight. Duette blinds have long been a popular choice for doors and while you can continue to enjoy their benefits while having full access to your garden or patio on the other side of your door, the installation will differ, as they can't be rebate fitted but instead our installers can fit them above the door. Of course, with our bespoke service, you'll benefit from an in-home consultation with one of our experienced team who can advise you and help you explore all the options available.


Gable end windows

Electric blinds are an excellent choice for gable end windows due to their practicality, convenience, and enhanced control over light and privacy. Gable end windows, being positioned on the uppermost part of a room with sloping angles, can often be challenging to reach and operate manually. Electric blinds, on the other hand, provide a simple and effortless solution to this issue.

Moreover, electric blinds offer enhanced energy efficiency. Gable end windows are usually larger and more exposed to the sun, resulting in increased heat gain and loss. Electric blinds can be programmed to automatically adjust based on the time of day, helping to regulate the indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption. By blocking out direct sunlight during hot days and insulating against cold drafts in colder months, electric blinds contribute to maintaining a comfortable living environment year-round.


Roof lantern windows

Electric blinds are a game-changer for roof lantern windows, providing numerous benefits that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. These types of windows are built into the roof, making manual operation impractical. Electric blinds offer a convenient solution, as they can be easily controlled with a remote or wall switch, allowing homeowners to effortlessly adjust the blinds to control light and privacy. Roof lantern windows are known for their ability to flood interiors with natural light, which is highly desirable. However, this abundance of sunlight can sometimes lead to issues with excessive heat and glare. Electric blinds can be programmed to automatically respond to changing light conditions, reducing heat gain and minimising glare, thus maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.


Other electric blinds

There are some settings or circumstances when Duette blinds are just not for you, so what are the other choices when it comes to electric blinds?

Roman blinds

A blind that's a long-term favourite, Roman blinds are now available as a smart electric blind. With an enormous range of colours and fabric styles to choose, with everything from light and airy looks for summer nights, blackout styles for summer mornings to thermal linings for cold winters days (and nights!) they're an excellent solution.


Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are an excellent choice for conservatory roofs, particularly those with solar reflective benefits as they not only stop glare that can be quite severe in these rooms but they also prevent the glass from becoming too hot, and turning the room into a sauna in summer but an icebox in winter. Being so high up, the last thing you want to do it mess around with an unwieldy long pole to operate them, so smart electric is a far more practical option.


In summary

Electric Duette® blinds can really enhance any space and suit all styles of properties. Easy control combined with innovative fabrics create a blind that's hard-working and full of benefits while looking beautiful.


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