Keep your conservatory warm this winter with these simple tips

Datch Datchens

BY Datch Datchens

Published: 28 November 2014 Updated: 14 July 2023

Conservatories are a thing of beauty, but unfortunately, they do bear the brunt of the weather and run the risk of being too cold to enjoy during the winter months.

It’s a real shame because your conservatory should be one of your favourite rooms in the house and often gets ignored over the winter months when it is very chilly, like over Christmas. Of course, you can always put in some form of underfloor heating, or invest in an electric heater to keep the room warm, but these are expensive options that will be completely useless in the summertime.

Here are our three top tips for making sure that your conservatory is habitable all year long…

Add some throws to the sofa

If you have a sofa or chair in your conservatory, adding a throw or cover during the wintertime just makes everything a lot cosier. You can buy some beautiful throws that coordinate with the rest of the room, to keep you warm and snuggle up on a cold winter’s night in your conservatory. Throws and rugs are also really beneficial if you have leather seats because this material, in particular, can get freezing cold in the winter. Definitely not the most comforting thing in the world!

Check for drafts

There’s really no point investing in ways to make your conservatory warmer if all of your heat is escaping through a draft. Whilst most houses tend to have some form of insulation, a lot of conservatories are prone to losing warm air due to their glass walls and ceiling. So even if you put some form of a heater in your conservatory, chances are that you may just be burning through money, and it will actually have very little effect on the overall temperature of your room. Including draft excluders on the doors and making sure your window seals are tip-top can be a good addition to your winter checklist.

One of the most popular ways to regulate the temperature in your home is to fit window shutters, which will stop hot air escaping, and in turn, bring down your heating bill. Shutters work similarly to the way that cavity wall insulation or a new roof would. They provide a barrier between areas that typically would lose a lot of heat, making sure that your conservatory stays snug and the heat stays where it is supposed to.

Invest in Duette®

Duette® blinds are a good choice to make if you are serious about your temperature control. They provide dual protection from the winter cold with a double-layered cellular function solution. This means that not only will your conservatory be kept cosy in the winter, but they will also minimise the heat in the summer months. And don’t forget the added bonus of noise reduction, as these innovative blinds have sound-absorbing properties.

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