How to fix a leaking conservatory roof

Mike Richardson

BY Mike Richardson

Published: 25 October 2017 Updated: 14 July 2023

A leaking conservatory roof is more than an inconvenience – it can lead to lasting damage in your home. From a visible crack in the glass to a subtle draft during breezy days, a leaking conservatory roof can lead to costly structural and electrical repairs. It’s important to patch up roof leaks effectively, especially for the chilly winters and the ever-present British year-round rainstorms.

Here are 5 common causes of a leaking conservatory roof:

  • 1. Damaged or deteriorated sealant between panes
  • 2. Blocked or leaking gutters
  • 3. Ill-fitting flashing between the house and conservatory
  • 4. Wrongly laid roof panels  
  • 5. Dirt that’s been ingrained in the glass

If you’re having trouble identifying exactly where the leak is occurring (i.e. if there isn’t a large visible crack or gap), check the final point (the decorative point at the top of your conservatory), where the panes of glass are sealed, or along the wall where the conservatory is attached to. These are common problem areas, and if it turns out that the leak can be remedied with a fresh coat of sealant, then you might be able to DIY a solution.

If your conservatory roof leak is more serious – i.e. if there is damage to the glass itself – you may have to replace one (or more) glass panels. You should hire a professional for this, as you could put yourself at risk, cause further damage and incur higher costs if you try to replace glass panes yourself.

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