How the morning routines of movers and shakers can aid your 2018 success

03 January 2018

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Whether it’s a change of career, eating healthier or spending more time with the family, we’re now in resolution season. And no matter what New Year’s pledge or promise you’ve made, most of us could probably increase the chances of success by sticking to an effective morning routine.

After all, an effective morning routine is a tried and tested formula that has worked well for movers and shakers across the globe. From leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and politicians, their morning routines have shaped their resolve on their way to success.

A good morning routine, of course, should comprise of a great evening routine, with an emphasis on quality sleep rather than quantity. Never mind that night-owl Barack Obama only had six hours of sleep per night as President, the key is he would stick – in the absence of major global situations – to a similar routine every evening, consisting of dinner with family at 6.30pm followed by downtime, including reading and board games with friends.

High achievers – such as SpaceX CEO Elon Musk – are also predominantly early risers. The space billionaire gets a mere six hours a night but gets up at 7am, so he can take his children to school and plot his next game-changing move. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson is an early bird too, just so he can fit in a workout and spend more time with family. And let’s not forget the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher who had a habit of running the country on four hours of sleep when she was Prime Minister.

Getting up early can also motivate you to achieve your goals, as well as provide time and energy to fit everything into your day. Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour swears by her 5 am tennis workout giving her enough energy to see her through the day. And Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington claims by waking naturally and undergoing 30 minutes of yoga every morning she is always in the right frame of mind to tackle whatever the day throws at her.

Remember, most of us will need a helping hand at some point to achieve our 2018 goals. To perfect your morning routine, create the ideal sleeping environment that will help you nod off in quick time, keep disturbances from waking you up in the night, and ensure you wake up refreshed. Window shutters and made to measure blinds are ideal for this, as they go the extra mile in blocking up undesirable light, noise and neighbours.

Whatever your plans for 2018, hopefully, you’ll be in a great position to achieve your goals.

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