Here comes the summer!

11 June 2019

Sophie McCreadie

Sophie McCreadie

We all love the summer sun with long evenings, BBQs and holidays.  But making the most of your bi-fold doors can be surprisingly difficult at this time of year.

Bi-fold doors can offer a great way to let the air circulate in our homes while being a stunning architectural feature. But it can be difficult to know how to deal with light without compromising on style.

Our Micro blinds have been specially designed to work with bi-fold doors allowing for perfect movement flow and control. Our Micro Hive and Micro Pleat blinds are perfect solutions to issues around privacy, glare, fading and movement.


Micro Hive features a slimline design with a unique honeycomb shape. the micro blinds work perfectly with bi fold doors and because they fit into place without the need for drilling they don’t leave any marks.  Micro Pleat is narrower than Micro Hive for a more compact finish meaning the doors can open easily without any difficulty. They are tension operated so there are no hanging cords or loops which makes them safe for small hands and paws!



As great as the extra evening hours are, they can also mean more sunlight and glare. Micro blinds are the perfect way to control both at ease.  Blinds can allow you to control the level of light you need while still allowing you to open the doors.

Blinds can also help you to feeler cosy at night when the evenings start to draw in. Nothing beats listening to the rain on the glass while reading in bed.

Furniture Fading

The sunlight can also be a problem for the décor of your home. Furniture is an investment and it can be deeply annoying to see marks where the sunlight fades a beautiful sofa or expensive rug.  Fading is a problem caused by a combination of UV (ultraviolet), visible light and solar heat.  Blinds like Micro Hive and Pleat can help to prevent this by blocking harmful rays.

Colour choices

Our Micro blinds have been carefully curated in a range of easy to match neutral shades perfectly suited to match your décor.


While bi-fold doors can let in a lot of light they can also let in a lot of views of your home. Privacy is a big concern with most windows not to mention the size of most bi-fold doors.  Micro blinds are great for allowing you to keep the doors open to let air circulate while stopping your neighbours from looking in.

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