Dress Sash Windows with Shutters and Blinds

Sophie McCreadie

BY Sophie McCreadie

Published: 23 May 2022 Updated: 31 May 2022

What are Sash Windows?

Found typically in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era properties, sash windows are still seen as a popular design feature. Sash windows are often thought of as being awkward to dress with anything but curtains, but our bespoke shutters and blinds are more than up to the task. As long as there's access to the window, you can choose from a range of shutters and blinds to heighten the appearance of your sash window.

cream coloured cafe shutters fitted to arch shaped windows in a dining room

What are the best shutters for sash windows?

A timeless classic, shutters are often thought of as only suitable for period properties, but with modern designs, practical materials and even on-trend colours they’re stepping out of the past and into the future.

Full Height shutters

Custom-made shutters that cover the entire window space from top to bottom are called Full Height shutters and as they open independently you have full access to the window. Giving you full control over light and privacy, they're also ideal if your window is single-glazed or overlooks a high-noise area, as they can also help to insulate your room and dampen outside noise.

Two full height shutter which are white and fitted to rectangular shaped windows in a bedroom

Solid shutters

If you are looking for more of a traditional feel, solid shutters could be a perfect choice. Available in a range of beautiful styles and colours, these eye-catching shutters provide unmatched privacy and light blockage when you need it, and with solid panels also help to further reduce outside noise. Open them throughout the day to enjoy your sash windows, then close them up before bed for a silent night.

A pair of blue solid shutters fitted to tall rectangular shaped windows in a bedroom decorated with grey walls, bed and wooden breakfast table

Café shutters

If you don't want to cover your window completely, a café shutter, covering only the lower half of a window still offers some privacy without restricting light or the views from above. Whether open or closed, these continental-style shutters will likely still give you access to your sash window, dependent on the type of sash, allowing you to operate the window with ease. Café shutters can be made bespoke with louvres or solid panels, allowing you to choose the style you prefer.

White cafe style shutters fitted to bay windows that has a seat which is decorated with cushions and a throw

Tier on Tier shutters

If you have a room that needs something a little more versatile, Tier on Tier shutters are ideal. They open in two easy-to-use sections giving you the option to operate top and bottom independently.  A clever design twist that helps you maintain your privacy without blocking out the natural light, these shutters are a great choice for all living spaces and even bathrooms, by choosing our water-resistant vinyl shutters shown here, which look just like wood.

White coloured tier on tier shutters fitted to a window in a bathroom that is decorated in grey and white

What are the best blinds for sash windows?

Pair your classic window with a modern solution in our Silhouette blinds, of which can be powered for total control, or plump for a perennial favourite with a Roman blind.

Silhouette blinds

Silhouette blinds give the long-distance visual appearance of a traditional venetian blind, while offering a whole range of modern benefits, managing light and privacy easily, thanks to the unique fabric engineering which diffuses light around the room.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds may be one of the oldest styles of blinds but that doesn't mean they haven't benefited from modern innovations. The comforting folds team well with a sash window structure and the simple statement they make is equal to their ability to control light flow. You can choose from 70 styles and over 260 different fabrics, so no matter your style or setting you're sure to find a fabric to complement your home.

Blackout solutions

For a true blackout solution, pair your shutters with one of our specialist Duette® DimOut blinds.  Crafted with a honeycomb-shaped cell which gives the blind thermal qualities, our standard Duette blinds are further elevated in our DimOut offering with a layer of Mylar foil within the cell. The foil minimises the light flow and when combined with our precision crafted shutters ensures optimum blackout for the best night’s sleep.

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