Bring the outside in…with our new range of wooden venetians.

24 July 2019

Sophie McCreadie

Sophie McCreadie

Rustic Nordic, the nature-inspired interior design style shows no sign of slowing down. Getting a classic Scandinavian home is easily achievable.

One notable feature of this style is a reliance on neutral tones to create large, airy spaces. It’s also marked by a focus on clean, simplistic lines, minimalism and natural materials. It’s perfect for those who prefer a clutter-free life.

Here are our five quick Scandi fixes for your home.

Add large plants

While Scandinavian style focuses on neutral tones, there are some small touches of colour to be found.  If you want to brighten up a room while adding a sense of calm, placing plants around the home can help you achieve this.  They bring a grounded, calming effect that’s peaceful and relaxed.

Consider wooden materials

Natural textures are a vital part of this design aesthetic. Wooden floors are one way to get this effect but choosing wooden Venetian blinds can really finish the look.  Our new wooden Venetian blinds offer a range of different finishes from the warm glow of Parchment or the light airy Roasted Rye shade. Go deeper or darker with Bronzed Tiger or Cordovan for a real contrast with crisp white walls.

Add natural textured accessories

Why stop with wood? Scandinavian style is complemented perfectly by texture such as worn leather, cold stone or thick woollen fabrics. Imagine large leather chairs with a rich woollen throw balanced on the back that establishes a tranquil space perfect for reading a good book with a glass of wine.

Reflect the light with white

The minimal style of Scandi homes is reflected in the choice of colours.  Homes like this normally focus on a monochromatic colour palette with the occasional accent of colour such as pastel pink to break the clean aesthetic.

Our Eden collection features a range of curated neutrals which will add to the neutral palette of your home.  Choose from crisp white shades (Mountain Snow or Chalk Dust) to stone grey tones (Pebbled Lane or Turning Sky) or golden cream colours (Country Meadow or Vintage Beige).

Think about lighting

Scandinavian countries can experience very little light during their winter months so this is why good light sources are important in this design.  This design looks best with lights that feature modern almost architectural shapes in metallic shades such as gold, bronze or copper. Candles are placed everywhere to get a warm glow.

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