Blinds for Gable End Windows

27 February 2019

Datch Datchens

Datch Datchens

Gable end windows flood a room with natural light and make any home feel open and spacious. But these stunning features do pose their own challenges when it comes to light control and shade, which is where a bespoke blind solution can help.

Perfectly fitted to your windows

Whilst some blinds or curtains will completely cover your gable end whenever they are drawn across, custom-made blinds that are designed to fit the exact size and shape of each window pane will make the most of this design feature. With a unique tension fitting, every blind can be fitted against the glass itself without damaging or hiding the gable frame. Meaning that whether they are neatly folded together or elegantly drawn across the window, your gable end will always look just as stylish as it was originally designed.

Light control when you need it most

If your gable end is in a bedroom or facing a busy road, adding a special blackout coated lining to your blinds will help keep any glare from bright streetlamps or passing cars to a minimum. And as each blind is fitted directly into the window recess, light gaps are also minimised to ensure nothing wakes you before morning.

Raise the efficiency of your room

Choosing a thermal blind for your gable end can help you control your room’s temperature by reducing heat loss from each pane of glass. The Duette® blinds pictured in this conservatory, for example, have a unique cellular structure that traps air within the layers every time the blinds are drawn. This creates an effective insulating layer, helping to keep your room cooler in the summer and warmer through the winter months. If your gable end is in a conservatory, thermal blinds like this can help you make this a usable living space all-year-round.

Light at the touch of a button

With so many windows in hard-to-reach places, it is important to consider choosing a gable end blind that can be controlled remotely. Which is where a powered solution like our innovative PowerView® system can make controlling light an effortless experience.

Using the smart app, Pebble remote® or even asking a personal assistant like Amazon Alexa, your electric blinds can instantly be opened or closed at any hour of the day – even when you are away from home. Or for a touch of true luxury, the position of each blind can be scheduled to change throughout the day, so you never have to worry about closing the blinds again.

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