4 Benefits to Working with Neutral Colours

23 April 2019

Sophie McCreadie

Sophie McCreadie

It’s easy to think that choosing a neutral colour for your blind fabric or shutter finish might feel boring or the safe option. But as windows naturally draw the eye, there are many good reasons to keep your room style to a neutral colour scheme. Using your window furnishings and wall colours to create an elegant backdrop that allows other parts of your room to shine.

Neutral stands the test of time

While bright colourful shutters and vibrant curtain patterns make great features in your interior theme, neutral shades complement any style, giving you the freedom to change parts of the room without remodelling each window to match. Light neutral colours like the caramel Duette® blind pictured here also have the added benefit of making any room feel brighter and airier. Open or closed, these soft shades will make the most of the natural light without casting a coloured filter over the rest of the room.

Works with a range of styles

Neutral colours also give you more options with how to style your room, easily blending in or standing out from the rest of your décor. Whether you want to create a traditional feel by using variations of the same neutral shade throughout the room, or make a statement with your colour choices and transform your space entirely. Such as how the cool charcoal walls play off the crisp white Silhouette® blinds shown here to create a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Creates a backdrop for other furnishings

Staying neutral has become increasingly more popular for the clean and refreshing feeling that it gives a room. And naturally, if your shutters, blinds and curtains are matched with their surroundings, any accents and textures from furniture to plant life will be given centre stage and space to breathe. Perfect to highlight darker colours with bright whites and soft beiges, and can also work just as well reversed, using a dark grey curtain or burnt oak shutter to let lighter furnishings have focus.

Incorporates patterns and prints

If there is a particular pattern or texture you are hoping to work into your theme, neutral colours can help you complement the designs without overcrowding the space. Always consider the contrast between your neutral colours and domination ones, as the greater the divide the busier your room may feel. The limestone curtain fabrics and navy geometric Roman blinds pictured here, for example, will grab the eye more than if the Roman pattern was a mix of beige and tan colours.

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