Inside Daniel Hopwood's Marylebone Home

Best known as the judge of The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC Two, Daniel Hopwood has been entrusted with interior designs all over the world, from stately palaces to city bachelor pads. We take a stroll around his home to see his design skills at work.


Sunshine and views

The bay window and banquette seating area is a key feature of Daniel’s penthouse, with views across Marylebone. However controlling the sun coming into the room has been a problem. Silhouette® blinds are the ideal solution and have allowed Daniel to take back control of the sunlight, without blocking his great view.

“These blinds have helped me liberate the chance of seeing my view and blocking the sunlight”

Daniel on his new Silhouette® blinds

Control with ease

Operating multiple blinds in a restricted space can be a real challenge. As Daniel discovered, the answer is powered blinds that can be controlled at the touch of a button. And that's not all; these smart blinds can also be controlled by an app on your phone, or even by voice command on a Home system for the ultimate technological solution.

“The beauty is I can push a button and they disappear...the sun can be strong‚ so back down they go”

Daniel on motorised blinds

The layered look

In the master bedroom, Daniel has teamed our Pirouette® blinds with light and airy voiles. An opulent solution, they combine fabric vanes with a sheer layer to ensure privacy without losing light. The addition of voiles brings a flowing softness to the edges - to get a similar look choose from our Harlequin range of voile curtains.

Explore our Pirouette blinds

More seasonal switch tips

Daniel is a great believer in transforming and recreating your home with simple but effective changes, such as fabric panels, recovering sofas, moving artworks, creating tablescapes, changing cushion covers and the use of foliage. These may seem small touches, but collectively they change how you view your room and make you look at it anew. Take a look and see these tips at work in his own home.

What our customers say

"When you start refreshing and adding, you fall back in love."

Daniel on transforming your home

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