10 February 2017


If you want to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day and show how much you care, there’s no need to jet off to Paris or Rome. Instead, you can demonstrate your love by creating a romantic haven at home. Follow our guide to prep your home for Valentine’s Day.

Create a romantic atmosphere

February is often a cold and bleak month but inside, it can be a different story. It’s easy to get the right ambience for romance using scents, lighting and fabrics. Try fresh flowers, especially lilies and tulips, which have a wonderful fragrance and also add colour to a room. With scented candles, you can choose your loved one’s favourite smell; they work particularly well to create an intimate atmosphere in the dining room, bedroom and bathroom (but remember never to leave a burning candle unattended).

The right lighting can dramatically change the mood of a room, and for Valentine’s Day, you want it to be warm and inviting. Use a combination of table lamps, floor lamps and uplighters for a subtle glow around the room. In the bedroom and living area, close the blinds or shutters for privacy and add sumptuous throws and cushions for a cosy, relaxed feel.

Give your undivided attention

Whether you’re staying in or going out this Valentine’s Day, nothing will show your love more clearly than spoiling your partner and giving them your undivided attention. Thoughtful gestures are all that’s needed so why not start with breakfast in bed? Forget chocolates and roses; a more meaningful gift would be a framed photo of the two of you at a particularly happy moment, or surprise tickets for a trip or event in the summer. Spread the love!

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